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Solution: 2022-09 A chaotic election

Let \(A_1,\dots, A_k\) be presidential candidates in a country with \(n \geq 1\) voters with \(k\geq 2\). Candidates themselves are not voters. Each voter has her/his own preference on those \(k\) candidates.

Find maximum \(m\) such that the following scenario is possible where \(A_{k+1}\) indicates the candidate \(A_1\): for each \(i\in [k]\), there are at least \(m\) voters who prefers \(A_i\) to \(A_{i+1}\).

The best solution was submitted by 이명규 (KAIST 전산학부 20학번, +4). Congratulations!

Here is the best solution of problem 2022-09.

Other solutions were submitted by 조유리 (문현여고 3학년, +3), 박기찬 (KAIST 새내기과정학부 22학번, +3), 김기수 (KAIST 수리과학과 18학번, +3), 여인영 (KAIST 물리학과 20학번, +3).

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