1. Problems will be posted on every Friday at 3PM.

2. Solutions will be due next Friday at 3PM but it will remain open if nobody solved it.

3. To submit your solution:

Please write (1) Your Name, (2) The first 4 digits of your student Id number (학번),  (3) Email address. If more than one student worked together for a problem, please write (1) (2) (3) for each student.

Email your solution to pow at

If you are emailing, please include “POW20##-##”(problem no) in the subject.

4. Prizes

At each week, students will earn points as follows:

  • +2 if the submitted solution seems reasonable. (meaning: good try, it may be correct but I don’t have enough time to check it carefully)
  • +3 if the submitted solution is correct.
  • +4 if it was selected as the best solution. (meaning: correct and well written)

We welcome any suggestions!

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  1. S. Oum Post author

    지난주에도 중학교 교사, 미국 유학중인 대학원생, 타 대학 대학생, 고등학생 등 다양한 분들이 제출해주셨습니다. 상품은 KAIST 학부생에게만 주어집니다.

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