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Thanks for participating POW; We will resume on Feb, 2010.

Problem 2009-23 was the last problem of this semester. Best wishes and good luck to your final exam. We wish you to come back in the spring semester next year; we will start in the first week of February.

Two problems 2009-14 and 2009-15,  were contributed by Sungyoon Kim (김성윤), a graduate student in MIT. Thanks.

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Solution: 2009-23 Irrational number

Prove that \(\sqrt{2}+\sqrt[3]{5}\) is irrational.

The best solution was submitted by Seong min Ok (옥성민), 수리과학과 2003학번. Congratulations!

Here is his Solution of Problem 2009-23.

Alternative solutions were submitted by 정성구 (수리과학과 2007학번, +3), 심규석 (수리과학과 2007학번, +3), 이재송 (전산학과 2005학번).

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