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Concluding Fall 2008

Thanks all for participating POW actively. Here’s the list of winners:

1st prize:  Yoon, Haewon (윤혜원) – 수리과학과 2004학번

2nd prize: Yang, Hae Hun (양해훈) – 2008학번

3rd prize: Kwon, Sang Hoon (권상훈) – 수리과학과 2006학번

Prizes for Winners

Prizes for Winners


In addition to those three people, I have selected two students based on the number of solutions they submitted. They will receive 1 movie ticket each. 

Kim, Chiheon (김치헌) – 수리과학과 2006학번

Jeong, Seonggu (정성구) – 수리과학과 2007학번

In addition,

Kim, Jaehoon (김재훈) – 수리과학과 2003학번

will receive one coupon for his participation.

In 2009, I am planning to revise the rule to select winners. Any opinion would be appreciated. Please leave your comment here or email to sangil@.


Prize winners, 2008 Fall

Prize winners, 2008 Fall

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Solution: 2008-12 Finding eigenvalues and eigenvectors

Find all real numbers \(\lambda\) and the corresponding functions \(f\) such that the equation 
\(\displaystyle \int_0^1 \min(x,y) f(y) \,dy=\lambda f(x)\)
has a non-zero solution \(f\) that is continuous on the interval [0,1]. 

The best solution was submitted by Haewon Yoon (윤혜원), 수리과학과 2004학번. Congratulations!

Here is his Solution of Problem 2008-12.

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