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Solution: 2020-24 Divisions of Fibonacci numbers and their remainders

For each \( i \in \mathbb{N}\), let \(F_i\) be the \(i\)-th Fibonacci number where \(F_0=0, F_1=1\) and \(F_{i+1}=F_{i}+F_{i-1}\) for each \(i\geq 1\).
For \(n>m\), we divide \(F_n\) by \(F_m\) to obtain the remainder \(R\). Prove that either \(R\) or \(F_m-R\) is a Fibonacci number.

The best solution was submitted by 고성훈 (수리과학과 2018학번, +4). Congratulations!

Here is his solution of problem 2020-24.

Other solutions was submitted by Abdirakhman Ismail (2020학번), 이준호 (수리과학과 2016학번, +3).

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