Solution: 2015-20 Dense function

Prove or disprove the following statement:
There exists a function \( f : \mathbb{R} \to \mathbb{R} \) such that
(1) \( f \equiv 0 \) almost everywhere, and
(2) for any nonempty open interval \(I\), \( f(I) = \mathbb{R} \).

The best solution was submitted by Joonhyung Shin (신준형, 2015학번). Congratulations!

Here is his solution of problem 2015-20.

Alternative solutions were submitted by 박성혁 (수리과학과 2014학번, +3, his solution), 이영민 (수리과학과 2012학번, +3), 이종원 (수리과학과 2014학번, +3, his solution), 장기정 (수리과학과 2014학번, +3, his solution), 최인혁 (2015학번, +3), 김동률 (2015학번, +2), 이신영 (물리학과 2012학번, +2),  송교범 (서대전고등학교 2학년, +3).

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