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2022-12 A partition of the power set of a set

Consider the power set \(P([n])\) consisting of \(2^n\) subsets of \([n]=\{1,\dots,n\}\).
Find the smallest \(k\) such that the following holds: there exists a partition \(Q_1,\dots, Q_k\) of \(P([n])\) so that there do not exist two distinct sets \(A,B\in P([n])\) and \(i\in [k]\) with \(A,B,A\cup B, A\cap B \in Q_i\).

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Solution: 2022-10 Polynomial with root 1

Prove or disprove the following:

For any positive integer \( n \), there exists a polynomial \( P_n \) of degree \( n^2 \) such that

(1) all coefficients of \( P_n \) are integers with absolute value at most \( n^2 \), and

(2) \( 1 \) is a root of \( P_n =0 \) with multiplicity at least \( n \).

The best solution was submitted by 박기찬 (KAIST 새내기과정학부 22학번, +4). Congratulations!

Here is the best solution of problem 2022-10

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