Solution: 2023-22 Simultaneously diagonalizable matrices

Does there exist a nontrivial subgroup \(G\) of \( GL(10, \mathbb{C}) \) such that each element in \(G\) is diagonalizable but the set of all the elements of \(G\) is not simultaneously diagonalizable?

The best solution was submitted by 김찬우 (연세대학교 수학과 22학번, +4). Congratulations!

Here is the best solution of problem 2023-22.

Other solutions were submitted by 김기수 (KAIST 수리과학과 18학번, +3), 박기윤 (KAIST 새내기과정학부 23학번, +3), 지은성 (KAIST 수리과학과 20학번, +3), 채지석 (KAIST 수리과학과 석박통합과정 21학번, +3), 이명규 (KAIST 전산학부 20학번, +2).

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