Solution: 2021-03 A placement of rooks on a chessboard

Consider an \(n\) by \(n\) chessboard with white/black squares alternating on every row and every column. In how many ways can one choose \(k\) white squares and \(n-k\) black squares from this chessboard with no two squares in a row or column.

The best solution was submitted by 강한필 (전산학부 2016학번, +4). Congratulations!

Here is his solution of problem 2021-03.

Other solutions was submitted by 하석민 (수리과학과 2017학번, +3), 고성훈 (수리과학과 2015학번, +3), 전해구 (기계공학과 졸업생, +3).

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