Solution: 2015-15 A sequence periodic modulo m for all m

Does there exist an infinite sequence such that (i) every integer appears infinitely many times and (ii) the sequence is periodic modulo \(m\) for every positive integer \(m\)?

The best solution was submitted by Park, Sunghyuk (박성혁, 수리과학과 2014학번). Congratulations!

Here is his solution of problem 2015-15.

Alternative solutions were submitted by 이종원 (수리과학과 2014학번, +3), 신준형 (2015학번, +3), 최인혁 (2015학번, +2), 이영민 (수리과학과 2012학번, +2), 장기정 (수리과학과 2014학번, +2).

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