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Solution: 2011-4 A polynomial with distinct real zeros

Let n>2. Let f (x) be a degree-n polynomial with real coefficients. If f (x) has n distinct real zeros r1<r2<…<rn, then Rolle’s theorem implies that the largest real zero q of (x) is between rn-1 and rn. Prove that q>(rn-1+rn)/2.

The best solution was submitted by Gee Won Suh (서기원), 2009학번. Congratulations!

Here is his Solution of Problem 2011-4.

Alternative solutions were submitted by 박민재 (2011학번, +3), 강동엽 (전산학과 2009학번, +3), 김태호 (2011학번, +3), 김지원 (2010학번, +3), 이재석 (수리과학과 2007학번, +3), 김현수 (한국과학영재학교 3학년, +3), 구도완 (해운대고등학교 3학년, +3).

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