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Concluding Fall 2009

Thanks all for participating POW actively. Here’s the list of winners:

1st prize:  Jeong, Seong-Gu (정성구) – 수리과학과 2007학번

(shared) 2nd prize: Ok, Seong min (옥성민) – 수리과학과 2003학번

(shared) 2nd prize: Lee, Jaesong (이재송) – 전산학과 2005학번

Congratulations! (We have two students sharing 2nd prizes.) POW for 2010 Spring will start on Feb. 5th.

정성구 (2007학번) 35 pts
이재송 (2005학번) 10 pts
옥성민 (2003학번) 10 pts
김호진 (2009학번) 5 pts
양해훈 (2008학번) 4 pts
류연식 (2008학번) 4 pts
박승균 (2008학번) 4 pts
Prach Siriviriyakul (2009학번) 3 pts
노호성 (2008학번) 3 pts
김현 (2008학번) 3 pts
김환문 (2008학번) 3 pts
최범준 (2007학번) 3 pts
정지수 (2007학번) 3 pts
심규석 (2007학번) 3 pts
김치헌 (2006학번) 3 pts
송지용 (2006학번) 3 pts
최석웅 (2006학번) 3 pts
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Solution: 2009-23 Irrational number

Prove that \(\sqrt{2}+\sqrt[3]{5}\) is irrational.

The best solution was submitted by Seong min Ok (옥성민), 수리과학과 2003학번. Congratulations!

Here is his Solution of Problem 2009-23.

Alternative solutions were submitted by 정성구 (수리과학과 2007학번, +3), 심규석 (수리과학과 2007학번, +3), 이재송 (전산학과 2005학번).

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