2018년 가을학기 수리과학과 POW(Problem of the Week)상 시상

한 학기동안 매주 출제되는 수학문제 풀이, 최고 성적 거둔 5명 학생 POW상 받아 지난 12월13일(목) ‘2018년 가을학기 수리과학과 POW상’ 시상식이 자연대 수리과학과 Edu 4.0 강의실에서 거행됐다. 참가자 가운데 우수한 성적을 거둔 상위 5명은 ‘2018년 가을학기 POW상’ 수상자로 선정되어 상장과 소정의 […]

Ji, Hong-Chang Receives POSCO Science Fellowship 2019

The POSCO TJ Park Foundation, a non-profit organization established by a South Korean steelmaking company to foster science, education, philanthropy, and technology, announced 32 POSCO Science Fellows 2019 on October 25, 2018. Ji, Hong-Chang, a Ph.D. student, has been chosen […]

Professor Kwak, Do Young Wins KSIAM-Geumgok Academic Award 2018

The Korean Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (KSIAM) announced Professor Kwak, Do Young as the winner of this year’s academic achievement award during its annual fall conference on November 2-4th in Jeju Island. Co-sponsored by the Geumgok Academy and […]

Opening of Choi Seok-jeong Seminar Room

A new “Choi Seok-jeong Seminar Room” is open at the room 1401 of the E6-1 building. Choi Seok-jung Seminar Room is established to honor the scientific spirit of Choi Seok-jung (1646-1715), a top government official and a mathematician of the […]

The Graduate Student Day in Fall 2018

On August 31, the ‘Graduate Student Day’ event was held. A total of 55 attendees, consisting of graduate students, professors, postdoctoral researchers, and staff members, visited the Gongju Gyeryongsan Pottery Village and Gapsa temple. After lunch, our new professor, Prof. […]

Welcoming New Faculty: Donghwan Kim

  Donghwan Kim joined the Department of Mathematical Sciences, KAIST, as an assistant professor as of August 16, 2018. He received Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 2014. He is interested in Continuous Optimization, Convex Optimization, and Applications of […]