From ICN Airport to KAIST


  1. Purchase a bus ticket to Daejeon Government Complex with your credit card or Korean cash.
  2. Email or call/text your host at the airport, before departing ICN.  (Wifi is FREE at the airport.)
  3. Get off at the Daejeon Government Complex bus stop and proceed to your hotel or KAIST by taxi.
Note. KAIST is pronounced as Kah–East among locals; make sure to distinctly pronounce the “t”.


1. Take an airport limousine bus at ICN.

Buy a ticket for Daejeon. Information on where to buy a ticket, schedule, and fare can be found at:

(click on Choong-chung, then Daejeon)

Emailing or calling your host before leaving the airport is recommended since there is free Wifi at ICN.

2. Get off the bus at the Daejeon Government Complex stop.

It takes about 2:30 hours to get to this stop from Terminal 1, about 3 hours from Terminal 2.

Note 1. Occasionally, there is a short restroom break (15 min) at a highway rest stop before getting to Daejeon.
Note 2. Typically, “Government Complex” is the 2nd bus stop, excepth when there is a “0”th bus stop:
“0”th stop (if someone requests): right after the tollgate; a few people might get off there.
1st stop: Do-Ryong-Dong: a few people usually get off here; however if there are no passengers at this stop, the bus might skip this stop.
2nd stop: Government Complex Building (Jeong–Boo–Cheong–Sah): in a busy downtown. Most people get off here.
3rd stop (final): Daejeon Eastern Express Bus Terminal

It is recommended to confirm with the driver “Is this stop Jeong–Boo–Cheong–Sah?” or show the following, meaning “Is this the Daejeon Government Complex?”:

“여기가 대전 정부청사입니까?”

Near this bus stop, either you may meet your host at Holly’s Coffee, address: 244 Wolpyeong 2(i)-dong, Daejeon (pre-arrange this with your host), or take a taxi to your hotel or to KAIST.  Taxis are generally cheap in Korea and almost all taxis accept credit cards (look for the “Card” sign). Tipping is not necessary, nor is it customary.

To take a taxi to KAIST, show the following instructions to the taxi driver:

카이스트 자연과학동으로 가 주세요.
정문에서 우회전해서 직진 후  왼쪽에 있는 E6-1 빌딩입니다.

(Translation: Please go to KAIST, Natural Sciences building. Take a right at the main gate, and you’ll see on your left the building E6-1)

3. Buses from Daejeon to ICN Airport

Take the airport limousine from the Daejeon Government Complex Bus Stop.
Rates are the same as the bus from ICN to Daejeon. It may be good idea to purchase a ticket right after arriving since online reservations are in Korean.

4. Alternative method: KTX Train

You can first go to Seoul station by subway, and then go to Daejeon station by a high-speed KTX train. This method will be more expensive, more complicated, and does not save any time. Moreover, on Friday evenings, the KTX to Daejeon is usually full.

Finally, there is a limousine bus to Gwangmyeong Station where one can also take a KTX train to Daejeon.