Best Teaching Assistant Award for Spring 2021

2021년 봄 우수조교

Professor Mikyoung Lim, the Director of Graduate Studies, hosted an award ceremony for outstanding teaching assistants (TA) in the spring semester 2021 on July 27, 2021 via Zoom. The recipients are:

  • Calculus I: Sung-Hyuk Im, Ho-Jin Kim, Young-Hwan Chun, Gwang-Woo Kim, Chi-Won Yoon
  • Introduction to Leaner Algebra: He-Ri Cho, Gi-Hoon Hong, Philippe Aurelio Tranchida
  • Differential Equations and Applications: Ji-Ho Hong, Jong-Won Lee

In addition, from this semester onwards, the Department of Mathematical Sciences has decided to offer an award to Head TAs for three core undergraduate subjects, Calculus, Introduction to Leaner Algebra, and Differential Equations and Applications, to recognize their contribution and encourage more participation from graduate students in TA activities.

The awardees are: Gi-Jung Jang, Woo-Seok Yang, and Jin-Wook Kwak.