Professor Moon-Jin Kang, Professor JungHwan Park, Professor Jinhyun Park Receives Research Grant from Samsung Science and Technology Foundation

Samsung Science and Technology Foundation announced its selection of 22 original and challenging research projects for funding in the second half of 2021. Among them are Professor Moon-Jin Kang’s research on the ‘Uniqueness and Stability of Riemann problem for compressible Euler system’, Professor JungHwan Park’s ‘4-dimensional topology and surface singularities’, Professor Jinhyun Park’s ‘On motivic cohomology of singular or non-reduced schemes’.

Established in 2013 to help foster the development of basic science and advanced technologies in Korea, the Foundation has offered grants to scientists twice in a year to support their work.

The newly selected 22 research projects are 10 in basic science, 6 in materials engineering, and 6 in information and communications technology (ICT).