Solutions of "Algebraic Geometry" by Hartshorne

Some solutions are not typed using TeX. Sorry. Solutions are going to be posted when they are typed. Right now, lots of handwritten solutions are waiting to be typed. Unfortunately, I have no time to do that so that very little part of them were typed so far.
A word of warning: I know that several people have bookmarked this page, but honestly these solutions haven't been really maintained seriously since around 2003. Most importantly I am more engaged in my own study of more exciting other fields of algebraic geometry than working on typing of Hartshorne solutions... Use them, if you still find them useful, with care.
  1. Section 1.1
  2. Section 2.2 (PDF)
  3. Section 2.7 (PDF)
  4. Section 2.8 (PDF)
  5. Section 3.4 (PDF)
  6. Section 3.5 (PDF)
  7. Section 3.9 (PDf)
  8. Section 3.10 (PDF)
  9. Section 4.1 (PDF)
  10. Section 5.5 (PDF)
  11. Appendix C (PDF)