Alumnus Jongho Park Wins the Best Dissertation Awards 2021 from S-Oil Science Foundation

Dr. Jongho Park received the Best Dissertation Awards from S-Oil Science Foundation. The Foundation hosted its tenth award ceremony on February 16, 2021 in Seoul.

Starting from 2011, the Foundation has been presenting the Best Dissertation Awards to PhD holders and their advisers in the six fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, life science, chemical engineering and materials engineering, and information technology to promote the advancement of basic science in Korea.

This year, a total of 12 scientists across the fields has made the list of winners.

Dr. Park wrote his PhD dissertation titled “Domain Decomposition Methods for Convex Optimization in Image Processing: Focusing on Total Variation Minimization,” in which he proposed two fast iterative sub-structuring methods for total variation minimization and showed that the proposed methods outperform the existing approaches both theoretically and numerically. He also presented another novel domain decomposition method that can be applied to not only total variation minimization but also more general optimization problems in image processing such as higher models and non-convex models.

From left to right are Dae-Soon Lee, chairman of the Korean Association of University Presidents, Dr. Jongho Park, and Professor Chang-Ock Lee.