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Let \(G\) be a group. A topology on \(G\) is said to be a group topology if the map \(\mu: G \times G \to G\) defined by \(\mu(g, h) = g^{-1}h\) is continuous with respect to this topology where \(G \times G\) is equipped with the product topology. A group equipped with a group topology is called a topological group. When we have two topologies \(T_1, T_2\) on a set S, we write \(T_1 \leq T_2\) if \(T_2\) is finer than \(T_1\), which gives a partial order on the set of topologies on a given set. Prove or disprove the following statement: for a give group \(G\), there exists a unique minimal group topology on \(G\) (minimal with respect to the partial order we described above).