Conferences & Workshops

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15 November(Thursday)


14:00           Opening address

14:20-15:10 Lee, Ji-Oon : Weak detection of signal in the spiked Wigner model

15:20-16:10 Jin, Tianling : On the isoperimetric ratio over scalar-flat conformal classes

16:20-17:10 Sun, Rongfeng : Moment Asymptotics for the (2+1)-dimensional Directed Polymer in the Critical Window



16 November(Friday)


09:30-10:20 Li, Dong : Existence of nontrivial steady states for nonlocal models

10:30-11:20 An, Xinliang : Emergence of Black Holes in General Relativity

11:30-12:20 Jung, Paul : Levy-Khintchine Random Matrices



17 November(Saturday)


09:30-10:20 Yu, Shih-Hsien : Green's functions and Well-posedness of Compressible Navier-Stokes equation

10:30-11:20 Kwon, Soonsik : Scattering of the defocusing generalized Benjamin-Ono equations.

11:30-12:20 Bao, Zhigang : Local single ring theorem on optimal scale


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