Student News

Best TA Awards for Spring 2019

A total of ten teaching assistants who had worked for undergraduate basic courses were selected for the Best TA Awards in the spring semester 2019. The award ceremony took place on June 27, 2019. This list is:

  • Calculus I: Jung-ho Ahn (MS Program), Yong-Gyu Choi (MS/PhD Program), Ju-Hun Baek (MS/PhD Program), Min-Ju Park (MS/PhD Program), Dong-Jun Choi (MS Program)
  • Differential Equations and Applications: Wan-Sang Yoon (PhD Program), Dong-Hui Suh (PhD Program), Jae-Hoon Lee (PhD Program)
  • Introduction to Linear Algebra: Jong-Yeun Hwang (PhD Program), Tranchida, Philippe Aurelio (PhD Program)