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This lecture explores a list of topics and areas that have led my research in computational mathematics and deep learning in recent years. Numerical approaches in computational science are crucial for understanding real-world phenomena, and deep neural networks have achieved state-of-the-art performance in a variety of fields. The exponential growth and the extreme success of deep learning and scientific computing have seen application across a multitude of disciplines. In this lecture, I will focus on recent advancements in scientific computing and deep learning such as adversarial examples, nanophotonics, and numerical PDEs.
Host: 신연종 교수     Contact: 윤상영 (350-2704)     To be announced     2022-10-05 11:01:35
Order types are a combinatorial classification of finite point sets used in discrete and computational geometry. This talk will give an introduction to these objects and their analogue for the projective plane, with an emphasis on their symmetry groups. This is joint work with Emo Welzl:
Host: Andreas Holmsen     English     2022-08-19 10:50:13

서울대학교 법과대학 학사 사법시험 32회 합격 판사(서울지방법원 등) 현) 김&장 법률사무소
Host: 강완모     Contact: 윤상영 (350-2704)     Korean     2022-10-05 10:46:47

서울대학교 산업공학과 학사/석사 소만사 창업 (주)소만사 대표이사 소프트웨어 산업협회 이사 한국정보보호 산업협회 부회장
Host: 강완모     Contact: 윤상영 (350-2704)     To be announced     2022-10-05 10:51:21
In recent years, community detection has been an active research area in various fields including machine learning and statistics. While a plethora of works has been published over the past few years, most of the existing methods depend on a predetermined number of communities. Given the situation, determining the proper number of communities is directly related to the performance of these methods. Currently, there does not exist a golden rule for choosing the ideal number, and people usually rely on their background knowledge of the domain to make their choices. To address this issue, we propose a community detection method that is equipped with data-adaptive methods of finding the number of the underlying communities. Central to our method is fused l-1 penalty applied on an induced graph from the given data. The proposed method shows promising results.
Host: Cheolwoo Park     To be announced     2022-08-19 10:53:21

서울대학교 산업공학과 학/석사 삼성전자 연구원 조지아텍 박사 삼성전자 종합기술원 전문연구원 현) 삼성전자 종합기술원 머신러닝 랩장
Host: 강완모     Contact: 윤상영 (350-2704)     To be announced     2022-10-05 10:55:38

서울대학교 산업공학과 학사 행정고시 37회 재경직 합격 KDI 국제정책대학원 석사 서울지방국세청 조사과장 국세청 기획재정담당관
Host: 강완모     Contact: 윤상영 (350-2704)     To be announced     2022-10-05 10:59:02

서울대 의학 학사/박사 한국학중앙연구원 철학 박사 현) 이화여대 의과대학교수
Host: 강완모     Contact: 윤상영 (350-2704)     Korean     2022-10-05 10:45:14
This series of talks is intended to be a gentle introduction to the random walk theory on infinite groups and hyperbolic spaces. We will touch upon keywords including hyperbolicity, stationary measure, boundaries and limit laws. Those who are interested in geometric group theory or random walks are welcomed to join.
This is a casual seminar among TARGET students, but other graduate students are also welcomed.
Korean English if it is requested     2022-09-29 20:08:31