Winners of Teaching Assistant Excellence Awards for the 2017 Fall Semester

On January 3, 2018, Department Head Yongnam Lee of Mathematical Sciences presented Teaching Assistant Excellence Awards to eight graduate students who have served as teaching assistants (TAs) during the fall semester 2017. The winners were recognized for their exemplary commitment to helping undergraduate students construct a better understanding of mathematical concepts and processes.


List of TA Excellence Awards Winners


Calculus II

Jeong-Seop Kim (Entering Class of 2016, PhD student)

Dasul Bae (PhD student)

HyunJoon Park (PhD student)

Jun Ho Choe (PhD student)

HoYoun Kim (Master’s student)


Introduction to Linear Algebra

YongHwa Kim (PhD student)

Jong Yun Hwang (PhD student)


Probability and Statistics

JeongSeop Kim (Entering Class of 2015, PhD student)


From left to right are Department Head Yongnam Lee, Jun Ho Choe, Jong Yun Hwang, HyunJoon Park, Dasul Bae, JeongSeop Kim, YongHwa Kim, HoYoun Kim, and Director of Graduate Studies Sang-il Oum.