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금년  IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers(IEEE ISWC 2010, Chair: 전자과 박규호, 유회준 교수) 학회를 한국에서 유치하게 되었습니다. 그 일환으로 IEEE ISWC Technical Program Committee회의를 한국에서 하게 되었고, 이 기회에, 오는 73() 10:00 ~ 12:30ISWC Technical Program Committee Member들을 모시고, 세미나를 전자과 우리별 세미나실에서 개최하게 되었습니다. Mobile Wearable Computing에 관심 있는 분들의 많은 참석 부탁 드립니다.


일시: 2010 7 3일 오전 10시 ? 오후 1

장소: KAIST 전자과 2, 우리별 세미나실


< Session I : 10:00 ? 11:00 >

Title: Principle of Multiple-view Video Browsing Interface

Speaker: Kenji Mase (Nagoya Univ.)

Abstract: Owning to recent development of digital broadcasting, needs for interactive video contents are increasing. In such trend, multiple camera videos become useful in viewing video by stereogram or free view point. In opposite, the multiple camera videos are too much flexibility in user's operation to watch them easily. Therefore it is necessary for multiple camera videos to provide hints for users' searching scenes.

Then we developed a multi-point video viewing tool "Peg-Scope Viewer" and the Quality of View concept. Examples of multiple video shooting and its viewing will be given with the outline of the algorithms.


Title: Computing close to the reality

Speaker: Michael Beigl (TU Braunschweig)

Abstract: This talk will cover three aspects of computing close to the reality:

Bootstrapping activity recognition, programming the reality and analog communication and computing concepts. Our bootstrapping activity recognition system enables the collection of data for activity recognition while an initial recognition system is in operation. The approach thus allows constantly increasing recognition rates with minimal user interaction. Directly programming the reality addresses the problem of how to program computing systems that is embedded into the reality. Analog communication and computing presents an approach to allow for a more "natural" thus more efficient presentation and processing of information in pervasive computing systems.


< Session II : 11:10 ? 12:40>

Title: Opportunistic activity recognition - pushing activity recognition into the real world

Speaker: Daniel Roggen (ETH Zurich)

Abstract: Activity recognition established itself as a key source of information to devise smart environments and smart assistants. Yet, current activity recognition systems are often designed to operate in well-defined environment, with well-defined sensor placement and modality. This limits the applicability of activity recognition in wearable computing, where the location of sensors on body and their orientation may be subject to variations, e.g. to enhance user's comfort. Nowadays, there is a wide range of sensor available in the environment. However they can't be used as-is for activity recognition, as the kind and availability of sensors changes over time depending on the location of the user and with infrastructure upgrades. Thus, the configuration of sensors available at any point in time is dynamic. Within the EU project OPPORTUNITY we devise methods to recognize human activities with "opportunistic sensor configurations", that is sensors that just happen to be available around the user, as well as on his body or sensorized objects he carries with him. We investigate frameworks, as well as new learning and adaptive techniques, to exploit sensors opportunistically discovered for activity recognition.


Title: Walking with Porcupines

Speaker: Kristof Van Laerhoven (TU Darmstadt)

Abstract: What information can your activities reveal about you? One hypothesis states that the motions patterns that people perform throughout their days (and nights) tell a lot about their moods. This is for instance researched extensively in trials which monitor bipolar patients with wrist-worn sensors that log the wearer's movements for weeks or even months. Our aim is to contribute in this field by not just recording how much the user is moving around with their arms, but by recognizing detailed activities and actions, such as walking, using stairs, lifting weights, or cycling. We hope that long-term recording of this information will reveal patterns in the behavior of people, which can then be used to inform about unusual trends.


Title: A briefly looking back of wearable research course in china

Speaker: Dongyi Chen (Univ. of Electronic Science and Technology of China)


-       The projects on wearable computing, sponsored by national research funding, such as NSFC, 863program.

-       The works of the Chinese universities and research institutes engaged in wearable computing.

-       The international cooperation of China. 

-       My future research on wearable computing .

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177 2010 하반기 아모레퍼시픽 채용설명회 및 모집요강 안내 file 과사무실 2010.09.28 4521
176 9/28(수), 제인 구달( Jane Goodall) 강연 안내 과사무실 2010.09.27 4260
175 서울대학교 MEG센터 대학원생 모집 file 과사무실 2010.09.15 5120
174 염홍철 대전시장 초청 특별강연 초청(문화기술대학원) 과사무실 2010.09.13 3954
173 2010년 넥슨 그룹 공개 채용 모집요강 및 캠퍼스리크루팅 일정 과사무실 2010.09.03 4365
172 LG Display 채용설명회 & 상담회 및 하반기 공채 모집요강 안내 file 과사무실 2010.08.25 4246
171 2010년 가을학기 MAS480 수학특강(확률미분방정식) 교과목 안내 과사무실 2010.08.16 5710
170 국제 워크샵(International Workshop on Colloids and Interface) 개최 안내 file 과사무실 2010.08.09 4388
169 "MBC every1 반전소개팅" 프로그램 기획안 안내 file 과사무실 2010.07.26 5247
168 KIS 채권평가 채용 공고 과사무실 2010.07.20 7274
167 KAIST 해양시스템공학전공 산학협동공개강좌 안내 file 과사무실 2010.07.05 4011
» IEEE ISWC 2010 Technical Program Committee Seminar 과사무실 2010.07.02 4415
165 ICC Global Lecture Series 세미나 공지안내 file 과사무실 2010.06.29 4073
164 부산대학교 수학과 2단계 BK21사업단 계약교수 채용 공고 file 과사무실 2010.06.24 4095
163 [Global Lecture Series] Principles of Network Security Protocols 과사무실 2010.06.16 3849
162 한국과학기술원(KAIST) MATLAB/Simulink 캠퍼스라이센스 활용 강좌 file 과사무실 2010.06.07 5936
161 2010 전기자동차 국제포럼(IFEV 2010) 개최 안내 과사무실 2010.05.31 3998
160 삼성전자 네트워크 사업부 리쿠르팅 상담(5/27, 9:00~17:00) file 과사무실 2010.05.26 5607
159 한화그룹 채용전제형 인턴선발 설명회 실시 안내(5.20) file 과사무실 2010.05.14 4400
158 김성주 성주그룹 회장 초청 리더십 강좌 안내 과사무실 2010.05.13 4429
157 생명윤리심의위원회(IRB) 정기심의 안내 file 과사무실 2010.05.03 4349
156 포항공대 수학과 비전임 교육담당 대우조교수 초빙공고 과사무실 2010.04.28 4482
155 대학창업300프로젝트- 2010 창업기업 공모 file 과사무실 2010.04.27 3427
154 한국연구재단 대학원생 글로벌인턴십 모집 안내 file 과사무실 2010.04.26 4137
153 <호주 특허청장 초청 특강> 4월 27일(화) 오전 11시~, 응용공학동 file 과사무실 2010.04.22 3978
152 세계사이언스파크 총회 전체세션 및 일본세션 참가 안내 file 과사무실 2010.04.19 3957
151 아모레퍼시픽 2010년 상반기 공개채용 모집 요강 file 과사무실 2010.04.16 4067
150 갑을오토텍 유한회사 / (주)메디슨 신입 및 경력사원 채용 공고 안내 file 과사무실 2010.04.16 4514
149 해외인터넷청년봉사단 모집설명회 안내(4.15) file 과사무실 2010.04.15 3986
148 KAIST 지식서비스공학과 학과설명회 개최 안내 과사무실 2010.04.14 4826