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Do you demand the best from your professional career?

Are you inspired by excellence? At SAP, you will have the power to make a real impact.

As the global market leader for business software, SAP helps companies and organizations in more than

25 industries to run better.


The SAP HANA database is the basis for new, ground-breaking SAP applications and is widely agreed to be a highly

valuable asset in the SAP software portfolio. In- memory computing is made possible through recent technology

advances in main memory, multi-core processing, and data management. It leverages technology innovation

to establish real-time analysis of business data and combines both transactions and analytics to improve existing

business processes with a dramatic increase in performance. The SAP HANA database as basis for the in-memory

computing shows enormous promise as a key driver for SAP market of the future.

The SAP HANA database team develops a software engine that performs parallel in- memory processing of huge data

sets to offer extremely fast real-time responses for analytic queries. The SAP HANA database can also retrieve and

classify unstructured data from text documents in SAP applications and will also be a mission-critical  part of the

core infrastructure of SAP BusinessByDesign.


안녕하십니까 SAP Labs Korea HR입니다.

SAP Labs Korea에서 아래와 같은 스킬을 보유하신 Global Software Engineers/Developers 경력직을 모집하고 있습니다.


Positions available

1. Software engineers and managers for business platform development




: Cloud computing hardware and software architecture


: Massively parallel and distributed data processing (algorithms and systems)


: Advanced compiler optimizations


: Multimedia (image & video) indexing and search


: Large-scale system software test automation and infrastructure development test


: Optimization of SAP ERP and Business Intelligence Applications


on HANA Real-Time In-Memory Database






: Database and middleware transaction management


: Computer architecture and code optimization


: Linux/Windows operating systems and distributed parallel systems


: Large-scale software development and testing


: Advanced C/C++/JAVA software development skill



2. SAP HANA development support




: Provide Development Support for SAP HANA Database to Customers located globally.


: Performs root cause analysis by applying effective problem solving skills to problems.


: Isolate probable causes of issues; document and monitor Defects


and Enhancement Requests.


: Recommend known technical solutions and develop workarounds for corrective action.


: Document and transfer technical and process knowledge.


: Working closely with other staff, such as project managers, developers, service engineers,


product support  and escalation mangers  located globally but also directly with customers


and clients to help them install, set-up, configure, understand.


: Gives feedback to development to enhance/adapt existing services, business process


: Performs weekend on-call duty tasks






: Knowledge on Database, SQL Programming and Data warehousing principles


: Basic Programming Skills on Programming environment (Python, Java, C++, ABAP)


: Experience with SAP Products & Solutions including SAP NetWeaver BI & SAP Business Suite


: Database administration or technical support experience


: System administration experience with Linux including Network topologies, TCP/IP,


and Remote Access technologies, troubleshooting distributed systems,


  including installation, migration, and networking.


: Excellent communication skills in English and interpersonal skills


: Performance analysis and optimization skills






University degree in EE, CS, IE, AND Mathematics


Advanced degrees (MS, Ph.D.) or 3+ years of development experience would be +

Salary & Compensation


SAP provides top-level salary and benefit package




Yoonjee Lee


HR Assistant, Human Resource

SAP Labs Korea, Inc., 21F, 235, Banpo-Daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul 137-040 KOREA

T +82 2 2143-5012 / F +82 2 2143-5100

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