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Date: 2016.4.5-6

Venue: Rm. 1501, Natural Science B/D E6-1


Invited Speakers:

Chen Xian (The Hong Kong University of Science and technology)

Han, Jongmin (Kyunghee University)

Kim, Namkwon (Chosun University)

Lee, Youngae (National Taiwan University)

Nishiura, Yasumasa (Tohoku University)

Sun, Qing-Ping (The Hongkong University of Science and Technology)

Tomonari, Inamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Xin, Zhouping (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)



John Ball (University of Oxford)

Byeon, Jaeyoung (KAIST)

Park, Jinhae (Chungnam National University)



Kim, Hyeonsu ()




**참가를 원하시는 분은 아래의 링크를 통해 등록해주세요.

2016-02-23 16:02:23


Jaeyoung Byeon

Invited Lecturer   John Ball (University of Oxford)


Lecture 1: April 5 (Tues.) / 17:00 – 18:00 

Lecture 2: April 6 (Wed.) / 11:00 – 12:00 

Lecture 3: April 6 (Wed.) / 15:00 – 16:00




Martensitic phase transformations are solid phase transformations involving a change of shape of the underlying crystal lattice at a critical temperature or load. When a new phase is nucleated in a martensitic phase transformation, it has to fit geometrically onto the parent phase. Likewise, microstructures in individual grains of a polycrystal have to fit together across grain boundaries. Striking recent experiments have highlighted the crucial role compatibility plays in metastability and hysteresis.  The lectures will describe some mathematical issues involved in understanding such questions of compatibility and the nature of the interfaces between parent and product phases.  Whereas planar interfaces are typical in martensitic phase transformations, the defects usually observed and studied in liquid crystals are point and line singularities. Nevertheless there are situations when planar interfaces and related microstructures arise for liquid crystalline materials, and these will also be described and discussed.

2016-03-29 17:13:50

Date 2016.4.11-15


Venue Rm. 1501, Natural Science B/D E6-1, KAIST


Invited Speakers

Valery Alexeev (Univ. of Georgia)

Miguel Angel Barja (Polytechnic Univ. of Catalonia)

Ingrid Bauer (Univ. of Bayreuth)

Fabrizio Catanese (Univ. of Bayreuth)

DongSeon Hwang (Ajou Univ.)

Wenfei Liu (Xiamen Univ.)

Gian Pietro Pirola (Univ. of Pavia)

Francesco Polizzi (Univ. of Calabria)

Xavier Roulleau (Univ. of Poitiers)

Dongsoo Shin (Chungnam National Univ.)

Lidia Stoppino (Univ. of Insubria)

Sheng-Li Tan (East China Normal Univ.)

Giancarlo Urzua (Pontificia Univ. Católica de Chile)

Joonyeong Won (KAIST)



Jonghae Keum (KIAS)

Youngnam Lee (KAIST)



(위 사이트를 통해 참가등록을 해주시기 바랍니다.)



Hyeonsu Kim ()





2016-02-23 16:04:31
날짜: 2016.04.18. ~ 2016.04.22.
장소: KAIST, 자연동 1501호
주제: Kinetic models and traveling wave phenomenon in mathematical biology
자세한 사항은 웹페이지를 참고해 주시고 참여를 원하시는 분은 꼭 웹페이지를 통해 이번 주말 까지 등록해 주십시요.
점심, 저녁, 간식 등의 제공을 위해 등록이 필요합니다.
담당교수 : 김용정 교수
2016-04-07 09:54:50

강사: Mladen Bestvina 석좌교수 (University of Utah and KAIST)
주제: Mapping Class Groups
My intention is to talk about basic facts and about spaces on which mapping class groups act. The following are the major topics I will aim to cover:
• finite generation by Dehn twists, finite presentability, relations, ...
• pseudo-Anosov homeomorphisms, geodesic laminations, Nielsen-Thurston classification
• Teichmuller space, curve and arc complex, hyperbolicity
• subsurface projections and a glimpse of the Masur-Minsky theory
장소: E6-3433
일정: 6월 21일, 22일, 28일, 29일, 7월 12일, 13일의 6일간 오전11시 및 오후 2시 두차례 강의
강좌 웹사이트:
문의: 고기형 교수 ()

2016-06-13 09:36:32


Kihyoung Ko

2016 Distinguished Lecture by Professor Mladen Bestvina



Lecturer:  Mladen Bestvina (University of Utah)



Date:     July 4 17:00

Venue:  Rm.1501, Natural Sciences B/D E6-1, KAIST



Title:  On the large-scale geometry of mapping class groups


Abstract:  As envisioned by Gromov, geometric group theory is the study of large-scale geometry of groups. The key idea is to study groups as metric spaces. Examples of large-scale invariants are the isoperimetric function and asymptotic dimension, and I will focus on the latter. The class of groups where this is all well understood is the class of hyperbolic groups. However, groups of interest are often not hyperbolic, but they can be sometimes understood in terms of hyperbolicity. The basic example is the mapping class group of a surface. If time permits, I will explain the main ideas in the proof, due to Bromberg, Fujiwara and myself, that mapping class groups have finite asymptotic dimension.





Contact:   / +82 42 350 8545


2016-06-02 11:09:00

일정: 7월 5일부터 8일까지 4일간
장소: KAIST 수리과학과
내용: Mladen Bestvina(U of Utah and KAIST), Alex Eskin(U of Chicago), Koji Fujiwara(U of Kyoto), Andres Navas(U of Santiego), Kasra Rafi(U of Toronto) 교수들이 2시간씩 초청강연을 하고 국내 참가자들의 강연도 있을 예정으로 자세한 것은 웹사이트 참조.

문의: 고기형 교수 ()
2016-06-13 09:37:55


박진현 교수 (Jinhyun Park)

강연자: 최도훈 (한국항공대)

기간: 2016년 7월 18일 ~ 22일 / 오전 10:30 , 오후 2시 (하루 2회 강연)
장소: KAIST 자연과학동 E6-1, 3435호

주제: Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer 추측 
제목: Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer 추측에 관한 소개 
목표: 학부 고학년 혹은 대학원생들을 대상으로 Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer 추측의 정확한 진술을 이해하고 관련된 중요 결과들을 이해함으로서 Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer 연구에 입문할 수 있도록 하는데 목표를 두고 있다.

*본 강연은 한국어로 진행됩니다. 
**사전 등록기간: 6월 25일(토)까지 
   (사전 등록은 필수입니다.)

**서울 CMC Foundations for Mathematical Challenge -2 강연
주제: Solitons in the Korteweg-de Vries equations, inverse scattering approaches
등록 링크:


김현수 ()
Tel. +82.42.350.8545

2016-06-01 14:39:06


Sang-il Oum

Date       July 21-23
Venue    Rm. 1501, Natural Sciences B/D E6-1, KAIST

Invited Speakers
Andreas Holmsen (KAIST)
Mihyun Kang (Technische Universitat Graz)
Seog-jin Kim (Konkuk University)
Kyungyong Lee (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Seungjin Lee (KIAS)

Soojin Cho (Ajou University)
Dongsu Kim (KAIST)
Young Soo Kwon (Yeungnam University)
Sang-il Oum (KAIST)

/ +82 42 350 8545


Details on Previous Combinatorics Workshops
2016-06-15 10:41:55


Sijong Kwak (KAIST), Frank-Olaf Schreyer (Universität des Saarlandes)

Invited Speakers:

Hirotachi Abo (University of Idaho)

Christian Bopp (Universität des Saarlandes)

Gunnar Fløystad (University of Bergen)

Suk Moon Huh (Sungkyunkwan University)

Yeongrak Kim (IMAR)

Eui-Sung Park (Korea University)

Jinhyung Park (KIAS)

Hal Schenck (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

Frank-Olaf Schreyer (Universität des Saarlandes)

Ngo Viet Trung (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology)

2016-08-03 11:08:45


Wanmo Kang(KAIST)

1. Jin Hyuk Choi (UNIST),

Optimal Investment and Consumption with Liquid and Illiquid Assets, 10:30am~11:10am

2. Qi Wu (Chinese University of Hong Kong),

Tail Risk and Portfolio Margins, 11:10am~11:50am

3. Sojung Kim (KAIST),

Computation of Dynamic CreditRisk+ via Fast Fourier Transform, 1:50pm~2:30pm

4. Nan Chen (Chinese University of Hong Kong),

A Primal-Dual Algorithm to Stochastic Dynamic Programming and its Application to Finance, 2:30pm~3:10pm

5. Jongmun Lee (KAIST),

Unbiased Estimators of the Greeks for General Diffusion Processes, 3:20pm~4pm

2016-09-23 10:44:09


Kim, Jae Kwang(KAIST)



▶Kim, SungHo(KAIST) Welcome remark 1:30 pm - 1:40 pm

▶Shin, DongWan(Ewhawomans University) 1:40 pm - 2:10 pm

“Stationary bootstrapping for realized co-variations of high frequency financial data”  

▶Park, SangUn(Yonsei University) 2:10 pm - 2:40 pm

“On the quantal information in terms of the hazard function”

▶Kim, JaeKwang(KAIST) 2:40 pm - 3:10 pm

“An approximate Bayesian inference on propensity score estimation under nonresponse”  

▶Chun, HyonHo(Purdue University) 3:30pm - 4:00pm

“Graphical models via joint quantile regression with component selection”

▶Song, MinSun(Sookmyung women’s University) 4:00pm- 4:30 pm

"Testing for genetic associations in arbitrarily structured populations"

▶Morikawa, Kosuke (Osaka University) 4:30pm - 5:00pm

"Semiparametric Efficient Estimation Under Noingnorable Nonresponse”


2016-10-14 10:31:09


주최 : KAIST 산업수학 점화프로그램 사업단

한국과학기술원 수리과학과-서울아산병원 융합의학과 협력워크샵

Marriage between Hospital and Mathematics on Unmet Needs


2016년 10월 28일 14:00 - 18:15

산업경영학동 공동강의실  1501호



서준범 교수(서울아산병원 영상의학과)

-Trend of Radiologic Research: Big Data and AI

이창옥 교수(KAIST 수리과학과)

-Cardiac Motion Tracking in the Ultrasound Image Using the Optical Flow Estimation

송종민 교수(서울아산병원 심장내과)

-Unmet Needs of Cardiology

권복규 교수(이화여대 의학과)

-최신 의료기술과 의료윤리

허형규 박사(서울아산병원 융합의학과)

-Flow in Human Body

신진우 교수(KAIST 전자공학과)

-Image Compression via Deep Learning

최승현 박사(서울아산병원 융합의학과)

-Medical Application of Mechanical Engineering @ AMC

전현호 교수(KAIST 수리과학과, Purdue Univ. 통계학과)

-Sparse Estimation of Networks from High Dimensional Complex Biological Datasets 

황정은 박사(서울아산병원 융합의학과)

-폐 형상에서 질서 찾기: What more can we learn from the chest CT images?

김재경 교수(KAIST 수리과학과)

-Modeling Circadian Clock and Diseases

김남국 박사(서울아산병원 융합의학과)

-Medical Imaging Application with Artificial Intelligence


2016-10-17 14:41:54


(주최) 산업수학 점화 프로그램 사업단

Session I: KAIST 산업수학 연구 성과 발표 (좌장:  황강욱 교수)

교사용 자동 촬영 카메라 소프트웨어 개발 (곽도영 교수)

대용량 데이터 처리 가능 병렬 SW prototype 개발 (이창옥 교수)

자산운용과 최적화 (강완모 교수)

정보통신 네트워크 최적화를 위한 확률모델링과 분석 (황강욱 교수)



Session II: KAIST-아산병원 협력 연구 성과 발표 (좌장: 강완모 교수)

아산병원 협력 사업 경과 소개 (이창옥 교수)

The mathematical model for the development of a drug regulating circadian rhythms (김재경 교수)

Cardiac Motion Tracking in the Ultrasound Image Using the Optical Flow Estimation (이창옥 교수)



Session III: 산업수학 좌담회 (좌장: 이창옥 교수)

김현민 교수, 부산대

이준엽 교수, 이화여대

정은옥 교수, 건국대


2016-11-28 10:38:33


Sijong Kwak


Tues. 6 Dec. Wed. 7 Dec
16:10 ~ 17:10 Greg Blekherman(1) 16:10 ~ 17:10 Mateusz Michalek(1)
17:10 ~ 18:10 Rainer Sinn(1) 17:10 ~ 18:10 Greg Blekherman(2)
Thur. 8 Dec. Fri. 9 Dec.
17:30 ~ 18:30 Mateusz Michalek(2) 14:00 ~ 15:00 Rainer Sinn(2)


** Tues. 6th December **
16:10 ~ 17:10 Greg Blekherman (1)
17:10 ~ 18:10 Rainer Sinn (1)

** Wed. 7th December **
16:10 ~ 17:10 Mateusz Michalek (1)
17:10 ~ 18:10 Greg Blekherman (2)

**Thur. 8th December **
17:30 ~ 18:30 Mateusz Michalek (2)

** Fri. 9th December **
14:00 ~ 15:00 Rainer Sinn (2)

Invited Speakers
Greg Blekherman (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Mateusz Michalek (Polish Academy of Sciences)
Rainer Sinn (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Sijong Kwak (KAIST)

 / +82-42-350-8545



2016-11-09 09:57:36


Mikyoung Lim (KAIST)

Invited Speakers
Marc Briane (INSA de Rennes)
Elena Cherkaev (University of Utah)
Yury Grabovsky (Temple University)
Hyeonbae Kang (Inha University)
Ross McPhedran (University of Sydney)
Alexander Movchan (University of Liverpool)
Francois Murat (Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI)
Pierre Seppecher (IMATH Université de Toulon and LMA Marseille)
Ping Sheng (HKUST)
Martin Wegener (KIT)
2016-09-06 16:22:43



강체기하 겨울학교

2017년 2월 13일 월요일부터 2월 17일 금요일까지 King's College London의 김완수 박사를 연사로 모시고 강체기하 겨울학교를 개최합니다. 총 10시간의 집중 강연이 있을 예정이고, 매일 오전 10시30분에서 11시 30분까지 오전 강의가, 오후 2시부터 3시까지 오후 강의가 있습니다.


강연 장소는 E6-1 1409 실이나, 예외적으로 2017년 2월 17일 금요일 오전 강연은, 졸업식 행사로 인해 E6-1 2411실에서 강연을 진행합니다.
2017-02-06 17:26:05


Soohyun Bae (Hanbat National University)
Jaeyoung Byeon (KAIST)
Yong-Jung Kim (KAIST)
Ki-Ahm Lee (SNU)
Yong-Hoon Lee (PNU)
Inbo Sim (University of Ulsan)


March 30 Thursday

Session 1 Chairman : Soohyun Bae (Hanbat National University)

10:00-10:50 Yuki Naito, Ehime University
Separation structure of solutions for elliptic equations with exponential

10:50-11:10 Break

11:10-12:00 Yasuhito Miyamoto, The University of Tokyo
A limit equation and bifurcation diagrams of semilinear elliptic
equations with general supercritical growth

12:00-14:00 Lunch
Session 2 Chairman : Yong-Hoon Lee (PNU)

14:00-14:50 Seick Kim, Yonsei Unviersity
On C1, C2, and weak type-(1; 1) estimates for linear elliptic operators

14:50-15:10 Break

15:10-16:00 Futoshi Takahashi, Osaka City University
Critical and subcritical fractional Trudinger-Moser type inequalities
on R

16:00-16:20 Break

16:20-17:10 Youngae Lee, NIMS
Degree counting for Toda system of rank two: one bubbling

18:00 Dinner


March 31 Friday

Session 1 Chairman : Ki-Ahm Lee (SNU)

09:30-10:20 Eiji Yanagida, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Extinction behavior of solutions of the logarithmic di usion equation
on R

10:20-10:40 Break

10:40-11:30 Tongkeun Chang, Yonsei Unviersity
Nonhomogeneous initial-boundary value problems of the Stokes
and the Navier-Stokes equations

11:30-11:50 Break

11:50-12:40 Toru Kan, Tokyo Institute of Technology
On the solution structure of a bistable reaction-di usion equation
on a thin dumbbell-shaped domain

12:40-14:30 Lunch

Session 2 Chairman : Jaeyoung Byeon (KAIST)

14:30-15:20 Sun-Sig Byun, SNU
Higher integrability results for a class of nonlinear elliptic and
parabolic problems

15:20-15:40 Break

15:40-16:30 Rejeb Hadiji, University Paris-Est Creteil, UPEC
Minimization of Ginzburg-Landau energy with weight

16:30-16:50 Break

16:50-17:40 Jongmin Han, Kyung Hee University
String solutions for a graviataional Ginzburg-Landau model
18:30 Banquet

April 1 Saturday

Session 1 Chairman : Yong-Jung Kim (KAIST)

10:00-10:50 Soonsik Kwon, KAIST
Orbital stability of solitary waves for derivative nonlinear Schrodinger

10:50-11:10 Break

11:10-12:00 Woocheol Choi, KIAS
On the splitting method for the nonlinear Schrodinger equation
with initial data in H1

12:00-14:00 Lunch

Session 2 Chairman : Inbo Sim (University of Ulsan)

14:00-14:50 Ryuji Kajikiya, Saga University
Stability of stationary solutions for sublinear parabolic equations

14:50-15:10 Break

15:10-16:00 Namkwon Kim, Chosun University
Mixed type solutions in some Cherns-Simons gauge theory

16:00-16:20 Break

16:20-17:10 Satoshi Tanaka, Okayama University of Science
Symmetry-breaking bifurcation for the one-dimensional Henon equation

18:00 Dinner

KAIST BK21 Plus (Integration of Education and Research in Mathematical
PNU BK21 Plus (Center for Math Research and Education at PNU)

2017-03-21 14:54:18