Professor Sanghoon Baek’s Research Selected for Samsung Electronics Future Technology Projects in the Frist Half of 2019

Professor Sanghoon Baek will receive grants for his research from Samsung Electronics, a leading South Korean tech company, beginning this year.

Samsung Science and Technology Foundation, established in 2013 by Samsung Electronics to help foster development of basic science, materials engineering, and information technologies, releases semi-annually a list of research programs for funding. The foundation announced on April 11, 2019 its selection of 44 future technology research projects to support in the first half of 2019.

The projects include the pioneering studies and future technology research programs of 16 in basic science, 11 in materials technology, and 17 in information and communications technolo

Professor Sanghoon Baek’s work on “Cohomological Invariants and Complexities in Affine Space and Noether’s Theorem” has been chosen as one of the 16 breakthrough research projects in basic science.