Professor Wansu Kim Receives the Excellent Research Paper Award 2019 from the Korean Mathematical Society


The Korean Mathematical Society (KMS) hosted its 2019 Spring Meeting on April 19-20, 2019 at Kangwon National University.

During the conference, KMS presented the Excellent Research Paper Award 2019 to Professor Wansu Kim, as well as to Professor Donghyun Lee of Pohang University of Science and Technology.

The Excellent Research Paper Award is bestowed upon the members of KMS who have greatly contributed to the development of mathematics trough publication of high quality papers that have been released over the last three years.

Professor Kim’s paper, titled “Rapoport-Zink Spaces of Hodge Type,” focuses on research that is widely applicable to the arithmetic-geometric approaches of Langlands programme and the arithmetic studies of certain manifolds initiated by Shimura and Deligne as a foundational result.

In addition, Dr. Yewon Jeong (Class of 2018) was one of the four recipients of the Excellent Dissertation Award 2019 by KMS.

The Excellent Dissertation Award is given to KMS members who have written an outstanding doctoral thesis and have been less than two years since receiving their doctorate from universities in Korea.

Her dissertation is entitled “A Study on the Variation of Second Fundamental Forms on the Intersection of Two Quadric Hyper surfaces.”

President Jong Hae Keum of Korean Mathematical Society presents the Excellent Research Paper Award to Professor Wansu Kim.


From left to right are: President Jong Hae Keum of Korean Mathematical Society, Dr. Yewon Jung, and her family