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The theory of error-correcting codes, also known as Coding Theory, was invented by R. Hamming and C. Shannon around 1948. Since then, we can communicate information or data reliably. It has been applied to satellite communication, mobile phone, compact disc, high definition TV, and Artificial Intelligence. 

In this talk, we will give two other applications of error-correcting codes. One is a game based on the binary Hamming [7,4,3] code. The other is code-based cryptography based on product codes. We only assume graduate level Algebra. 

Host: 이지운     한국어     2018-03-02 10:27:54

심사위원장: 이 창 옥


심 사 위 원 : 김용정, 임미경, 박진아(전산학부),


한국어     2018-05-02 18:10:48

심사위원장: 김용정 


심 사 위 원 : 황강욱, 임미경, 김재경, 안인경(고려대)




한국어     2018-05-14 14:23:44

The classification of discrete series is one important subject with numerous application in the harmonic analysis and in the theory of automorphic forms. Recently, with Ivan Mati ́c (University of Osijek, Croatia), we obtain a classification of discrete series of odd general spin groups, generalizing the Mœglin-Tadi ́c classification for classical groups. Our approach presents a simplified and uniform proof of a bijective correspondence between isomorphism classes of the non-cuspidal discrete series and the admissible triples, which mostly relies on purely algebraic methods, available in both classical and the odd general spin case. If time permits, I am going to explain what Mati ́c and I recently did for other connected reductive groups.

Host: 박진현     영어     2018-05-08 21:09:59

 In this talk I will present a metric space of pseudosphere arrangements, as in the topological representation theorem of oriented matroids, where each pseudosphere is assigned a weight. This gives an extension of the space of full rank vector configurations of fixed size in a fixed dimension that has nicer combinatorial and topological properties. In rank 3 these spaces, modulo SO(3), are homotopy equivalent to Grassmanians, and the subspaces representing a fixed oriented matroid are contractible. Work on these spaces was partly motivated by combinatorial tools for working with vector bundles.

Host: 엄상일     미정     2018-05-23 11:44:55

The Siegel series is defined to be a local factor of the Fourier coefficient of the Siegel-Eisenstein series. It is usually described as a polynomial, whose coefficients are known to be difficult to compute.

In this talk, I will explain a precise reformulation of the Siegel series using stratification of p-adic scheme, geometric description of each stratum, Grassmannian, and lattice counting argument. This would give a conceptual interpretation of each coefficient of the Siegel series.
If time permits, then I will discuss about ongoing work related to this topic.

Host: 박진현     Contact: 박진현 (2734)     영어     2018-05-01 12:42:19

The Dirichlet prime number theorem states that if two integers a and b are relatively prime, then there are infinitely many primes of the form an+b. It is a natural question after the Dirichlet theorem to find an upper bound for the smallest prime having the form an+b. Linnik answered the question, which is called 'Linnik problem' now. This problem can be stated in terms of a certain character, and so the Linnik problem is extended to a question on automorphic representations. In this talk, I will talk about application of Langalnds program to the Linnik problem for automorphic representations. 

Host: Bo-Hae Im     미정     2018-02-26 10:51:25


In this talk, we discuss about global $L^p$-gradient estimates and local piece-wise gradient H"{o}lder continuity results for elliptic equations from composite materials.


First we prove global $L^{p}$-gradient estimates for the weak solutions to linear elliptic equations under the assumption that the domain is composed of a finite number of disjoint Reifenberg flat boundaries while the coefficients have small BMO-semi norms in each subdomain.


Also we show local piece-wise gradient H"{o}lder continuity results for the weak solutions to nonlinear elliptic equations if the domain is composed of a finite number of disjoint $C^{1,alpha}$-boundaries and the nonlinearities are H"{o}lder continuous in each subdomain.

Host: 임미경     한국어 (필요한 경우 영어 가능) ( )     2018-05-02 13:36:50

We decompose any object in the wrapped Fukaya category of a 2n-dimensional Weinstein manifold as a twisted complex built from the cocores of the n-dimensional handles in a Weinstein handle decomposition. If time permits, we will also discuss how to generalize this result to Weinstein sectors. This is joint work with Baptiste Chantraine, Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell and Paolo Ghiggini.

영어     2018-05-02 18:04:53

We examine the role of international capital mobility in shaping the relation between economic growth and structural transformation. We build a small open economy Ramsey model with two goods, tradables and nontradables. We show that if the long-run autarky interest rate of a small open economy is higher than the world interest rate, the employment and value-added shares of the tradables sector will rise over time. In the opposite case, the shares will fall. Because the autarky interest rate increases with the rate of technological progress, our result suggests that cross-country differences in the rate of technological progress may be a significant factor in accounting for diverse patterns of structural changes among countries.

Host: 최건호     한국어     2018-05-11 14:46:57

In the 1960’s, V.I. Arnold announced several fruitful conjectures in symplectic topology concerning the number of fixed point of a Hamiltonian diffeomorphism in both the absolute case (concerning periodic Hamiltonian orbits) and the relative case (concerning Hamiltonian chords on a Lagrangian submanifold). The strongest form of Arnold conjecture for a closed symplectic manifold (sometimes called the strong Arnold conjecture) says that the number of fixed points of a generic Hamiltonian diffeomorphism of a closed symplectic manifold X is greater or equal than the number of critical points of a Morse function on X. We will discuss the stable version of Arnold conjecture in both the absolute case and the relative case, which is closely related to the strong Arnold conjecture. This is joint work with Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell.  

영어     2018-05-02 18:01:04

Mazur and Rubin introduced the so-called Selmer-companion curves in 2015. Let $E$ be an elliptic curve over a number field $K$. Suppose there is a function that sends a quadratic character of $K$ to the $p$-Selmer rank of $E$ twisted by that character. How much information of $E$ can be read off from the function? In this talk, we give a sketch of proof of a conjecture on $p$-Selmer near-companion posed by Mazur and Rubin when $p=2$. If time allows, we will discuss an application of the technique in the proof to the Shafarevich-Tate groups. 

Host: 이용남     미정     2018-04-12 09:38:14

The Black-Scholes formula for option pricing is given by a solution of the Black-Scholes partial differential equation, which is of a parabolic type, and the Black-Scholes equation is converted into a diffusion equation via change of variables. Then the diffusion equation is solved by the Laplace transformation or the Fourier transformation, and in this talk we explain the similarity and difference of two approaches.

Host: 최건호     한국어     2018-05-11 14:44:57

This is a gentle introduction to the Langlands program based on selected historical developments. In particular attention will be drawn to the birth of the Langlands program in a letter of Langlands to Weil in 1967. Time permitting a snapshot of some current developments will be given.

Host: 임보해     영어     2018-03-02 10:25:04

In this talk, we present certain rigidity results for group actions via geometric group theory. We will prove a topological version of Popa's measurable cocycle superrigidity theorem for full shifts. In the first part, we provide a new characterization of one end groups via continuous cocycle superrigidity of their full shifts. As a consequence, we have an application in continuous orbit equivalence rigidity. In the second part, we show that every Holder continuous cocycle for the full shifts of every finitely generated group G that has one end, undistorted elements and sub-exponential divergence function is rigidity. This is joint work with Yongle Jiang.

Host: 백형렬     영어     2018-05-01 11:31:21

Every properly convex domain in RP^2 carries a pair consisting of a complete Riemannian metric and a holomorphic cubic differential satisfying certain PDE, given by the hyperbolic affine sphere in R^3 projecting to that domain. An intriguing object of study is the interaction between the flat geometry of the cubic differential and the projective geometry of the convex domain. We will explain a local version of a theorem of Dumas and Wolf, showing that if an open subset U of the convex domain is conformal to certain sector region in C with the cubic differential dz^3, then U gives rise to a line segment on the boundary of the convex domain.

Host: 백형렬     영어     2018-05-01 11:33:17

Thurston's hyperbolic Dehn filling theorem states that if the
interior of a compact 3-manifold M with toral boundary admits a complete
finite volume hyperbolic structure, then all but finitely many Dehn
fillings on each boundary component of M yield 3-manifolds which admit
hyperbolic structures. In this talk, I will explain that although Dehn
filling is not possible in d-dimensional hyperbolic geometry for d > 3,
it is possible in the category of convex real projective d-orbifolds for
d = 4, 5, 6. Joint work with Suhyoung Choi and Ludovic Marquis.   

Host: 백형렬     미정     2018-05-08 14:33:20

This talk is about improving the efficiency of the optimization methods that is mainly characterized by their worst-case convergence rates. In particular, this talk will present how the proposed accelerated gradient methods, named optimized gradient method (OGM) and OGM-G, with the best-known worst-case convergence rates for smooth convex optimization are developed by optimizing the efficiency of the first-order methods in terms of the cost function and the norm of the gradient respectively. This is based on the performance estimation problem approach that casts the worst-case convergence rate analysis into a finite-dimensional semidefinite optimization problem. This talk will further discuss about extending the approach to more general classes of problems such as nonsmooth composite convex optimization problems and monotone inclusion problems.

영어     2018-04-02 16:49:56

In this talk, we will see that there is a unique global strong solution to the 2D Navier-Stokes system coupled with diffusive Fokker-Planck equation of a Hookean type potential. This system regards a polymeric fluid as a dilute suspension of polymers in an incompressible solvent, which is governed by the Navier-Stokes equation, and distribution of polymer configuration is governed by the Fokker-Planck equation, where spatial diffusion effects of polymers are also considered. Well-known Oldroyd-B models can be rewritten in the form of this system. We will discuss an appropriate notion for the solution for this multiscale system, and we will discuss how to find such solution.

Host: 권순식     미정     2018-05-08 15:24:22

In financial trading of assets such as stocks and bonds, many participants are interconnected by a complicated network of computer terminals, and it is necessary to give an ordering of events. In this talk we consider the influence of the special relativity theory on the task of the synchronization of events in a distributed system based on L. Lamport’s paper “Time, Clocks, and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System”.


Host: 최건호     한국어     2018-05-03 15:24:53

Many modern applications such as machine learning, inverse problems, and control require solving large-dimensional optimization problems. First-order methods such as a gradient method are widely used to solve such large-scale problems, since their computational cost per iteration mildly depends on the problem dimension. However, they suffer from slow convergence rates, compared to second-order methods such as Newton's method. Therefore, accelerating a gradient method has received a great interest in the optimization community, and this led to the development and extension of a conjugate gradient method, a heavy-ball method, and Nesterov's fast gradient method, which we review in this talk. This talk will then present new proposed accelerated gradient methods, named optimized gradient method (OGM) and OGM-G, that have the best known worst-case convergence rates for smooth convex optimization among any accelerated gradient methods.

영어     2018-04-02 16:47:28

I shall discuss the role of geometry in creating the space time that is fundamental to the physics of general relativity. I shall also discuss fundamental concepts such as mass, linear momentum and angular momentum in general relativity. The lack of continuous symmetries in general spacetime makes it difficult to define such quantities and I shall explain how the difficulty can be overcome by the works of Brown-York, Liu-Yau and Wang -Yau.

Host: 이용남     영어     2018-04-09 08:49:54
Given real valued polynomials $P$ on $\mathbb{R}^n$ and various unbounded domains $D \subset \mathbb{R}^n$, we consider the oscillatory integrals $$ I(P, D, \lambda) = \int_D e^{i\lambda P(t)} dt. $$ We establish a criterion on $(P, D)$ to determine the convergence of these integrals, and find the oscillation indices when they converge. These indices are described in terms of a generalized notion of Newton polyhedra associated with $(P, D)$. When $(P, D)$ for $D=\mathbb{R}^n$ satisfies the criterion of the vector polynomial version $(t_1, \cdots, t_n, P(t))$, we obtain the Strichartz estimates for the following general linear propagators: $ e^{it P(D)}(f)(x) \text{ where } D=\left(\frac{\partial_{x_1}}{i}, \cdots, \frac{\partial_{x_n}}{i} \right). $
Host: 이지운     영어     2018-03-02 10:21:33

Given plural datasets, Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA) investigates the linear transformation of the variables which reduces the correlation structure to the simplest possible form, and addresses the relationships between the variables among the datasets. We propose a novel method for testing the statistical significance of canonical correlation coefficients between two datasets. Utilizing post-selection inference framework, our proposed method provides exact type I error as well as steady detection power with Gaussian assumption. Simulation results compare well with existing approaches.

영어     2018-03-07 17:57:22

Let $C$ be a conjugacy class of $S_n$ and $K$ an $S_n$-field. Let $n_{K,C}$ be the smallest prime which is ramified or whose Frobenius automorphism Frob$_p$ does not belong to $C$. Under some technical conjectures, we show that the average of $n_{K,C}$ is a constant. We explicitly compute the constant.
For $S_3$ and $S_4$-fields, our result is unconditional. Let $N_{K,C}$ be the smallest prime for which Frob$_p$ belongs to $C$. 
We obtain the average of $N_{K,C}$ under some technical conjectures. When $C$ is the union of all the conjugacy classes not contained in $A_n$ and $n=3,4$, our result is unconditional. This is a joint work with Henry Kim.

Host: 박진현     영어     2018-04-10 21:45:19

Principal component analysis (PCA) is a well-known tool in multivariate statistics. One significant challenge in using PCA is the choice of the number of principal components. In order to address this challenge, we propose an exact distribution-based method for hypothesis testing and construction of confidence intervals for signals in a noisy matrix with infinite samples. Assuming Gaussian noise, we derive exact results based on the conditional distribution of the singular values of a Gaussian matrix by utilizing a post-selection inference framework. In simulation studies we find that our proposed methods compare well to existing approaches.

영어     2018-03-07 17:34:47

Artificial neural network theory has been developing rapidly in recent 10 years. This talk introduces the basic concepts of deep learning such as back propagation, gradient descent, batch normalization, and introduces the general concepts and latest trends of deep neural network theory such as Autoencoder, Restricted Boltzmann machine, CNN, RNN and reinforcement learning.


Host: 최건호     한국어     2018-04-02 17:58:38

The renormalized volume is an invariant of a conformally compact Einstein manifold, which has been studied extensively in several research areas: conformal geometry, global analysis, and mathematical physics. In this coloquium talk, I will explain the basic notion and properties of the renormalized volume of 3-dimensional hyperbolic manifolds of infinite volume, and its relation with the Liouville theory for conformal boundary Riemann surface.

Host: 이용남     한국어     2018-03-02 10:18:39

For del Pezzo surfaces, it is known that Q-Gorenstein degenerations and three block collections are controlled by the same Markov type equations. Besides the projective planes, there has been no explicit theory describing such an intimacy. I will introduce our ongoing attempts to relate three block collections and Q-Gorenstein degenerations of del Pezzo surfaces.

Host: 이용남     미정     2018-04-17 10:29:15

Let X be a smooth projective variety in the N-dimensional projective space, embedded by a very ample line bundle L. An ACM bundle E on X is a locally free sheaf which does not have intermediate cohomology with respect to L. If furthermore E is linear, i.e., the minimal free resolution of E on mathbb{P}^N is completely linear, then it is called Ulrich. Not only they provide constructive examples of `good' vector bundles on X, but also they encode a lot of algebro-geometric information on X via their several connections to different topics. Unfortunately, in spite of their importance, almost nothing is known except for a very few examples. In this talk, we first review basic properties and classical results, mostly on hypersurfaces. Then we discuss several open problems, mostly motivated from cubic hypersurfaces.

Host: 박진현     Contact: 박진현 (2734)     한국어 (필요한 경우 영어 가능) ( )     2018-04-05 21:01:09
In this talk, we start with a basic theorem in algebraic number theory, which is that the set of splitting primes determines a number field. In the abelian case, it is easy to describe such sets, but in general it is not. We introduce a class of number fields, and give a criterion that which primes are split in these fields. This is a joint work with Ken Ribet.
Host: 박진현     미정     2018-03-23 12:35:51

A sub-Riemannian space is a manifold with a selected distribution (of "allowed movement directions" represented by the spanning vector fields) of the tangent bundle, which spans by nested commutators, up to some finite order, the whole tangent bundle. Such geometries naturaly arise in nonolonomic mechanics, robotics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, neurobiology etc. and are closely related to optimal control problems on the corresponding configuration space. As is well known, there exists an intrinsic Carnot-Caratheodory metric generated by the «allowed» vector fiels. Studying the Gromov's tangent cone to the corresponding metric space is widely used to construct efficient motion planning algorithms for related optimal control systems. We generalize this construction to weighted vector fields, which provides applications to optimal control theory of systems nonlinear on control parameters. Such construction requires, in particular, an extension of Gromov's theory to quasimetric spaces, since the intrinsic C-C metric doesn't exist in this case.

영어     2018-04-23 11:35:14


Chemical processes occurring in living cells are often complex stochastic process composed of numerous enzymatic reactions whose rates are coupled to cell state variables, the majority of which are hidden and uncontrollable. Despite advances in single-cell technologies, the lack of an accurate kinetic theory describing intracellular reactions has restricted a robust, quantitative understanding of biological phenomena. In this talk, after a brief review of the assumptions underlying the conventional chemical kinetics and the Pauli’s master equation, I will discuss a new chemical kinetic theory for intracellular enzyme reactions composed of arbitrary stochastic elementary processes and its application to modern single enzyme experiments. Next, I will present a derivation of the Chemical Fluctuation Theorem (CFT), which provides an accurate relationship between the environment-coupled chemical dynamics of enzyme reactions comprising gene expression and gene expression variability among cells with the same gene. Time permitted, I will also present the application of the CFT to a unified, quantitative explanation ofmRNA noise for various gene expression systems and predictions for the dependence of the mRNA noise on the mRNA lifetime distribution, whose correctness is confirmed against stochastic simulation. This work suggests promising, new directions for quantitative investigation into cellular control over biological functions by making the complex dynamics of intracellular reactions accessible to rigorous mathematical deductions [1].


Ref [1]: Park et al., Nature Communications 9, 297 (2018).


Host: 김재경     한국어     2018-04-02 14:15:18

Recall that Bloch's higher cycle group $Z^*(X;r)$ of an algebraic scheme $X$ is a free abelian group (graded by codimension) generated by integral closed subschemes of $X\times\Delta^r$ meeting all the faces properly. Given a closed subset $D$ of $X$, we consider the subgroup $Z^*(X,D;r)$ of $Z^*(X;r)$ generated by those cycles which do not meet $D\times\Delta^r$. Then it is assembled into a simplicial abelian group $Z^*(X,D;-)$ and we denote its $n$-th homotopy group by $CH^*(X,D;n)$. In this talk, I explain that $CH^*(X,D;n)$ is related to the relative homotopy K-theory $KH(X,D)$ as Bloch's higher Chow group $CH^*(X;n)$ is related to the K-theory $K(X)$. More precisely, under some general hypotheses, we establish an Atiyah-Hirzebruch type spectral sequence relating them.

Host: 박진현     영어     2018-04-03 12:01:01

Hyperrings generalize commutative rings in such a way that addition is ``multi-valued''. In this talk, we illustrate how the notion of algebraic geometry over hyperrings provides a natural framework to show that certain topological spaces (underlying topological spaces of (1) schemes, (2) Berkovich analytification of schemes, and (3) real schemes) are homeomorphic to sets of rational points of (Grothendieck) schemes over hyperfields. 

Host: 박진현     미정     2018-03-15 15:34:24

From any monoid scheme $X$ (also known as an $mathbb{F}_1$-scheme) one can pass to a semiring scheme (a generalization of a tropical scheme) $X_S$ by scalar extension to an idempotent semifield $S$.  We prove that for a given irreducible monoid scheme $X$ (with some mild conditions) and an idempotent semifield $S$, the Picard group $Pic(X)$ of $X$ is stable under scalar extension to $S$. In other words, we show that the two groups $Pic(X)$  and $Pic(X_S)$ are isomorphic. A similar argument to our proof can be applied to provide a new proof of the theorem by J.~Flores and C.~Weibel stating that the Picard group of a toric monoid scheme associated to a fan is stable under the scalar extension to a field. $k$.

Host: 박진현     미정     2018-03-15 15:35:37

A phase-field method is a useful mathematical tools for solving an interfacial dynamics problems such as solidification, multiphase fluid flows, image inpainting, volume reconstruction, and etc. The method replaces a boundary condition at the interface with a partial differential equation. One of the most commonly used equation is the Cahn-Hilliard equation, which is the 4th order nonlinear partial differential equation. Eyre proposed the convex splitting scheme to overcome its severe time-step restriction and it has been widely used in last two decays; however, it was reported that there is a time-step rescaling problem. In this talk, we analyze the effective time-step size of a nonlinear convex splitting scheme for the Cahn-Hilliard equation to choose proper time-step size for own purpose.

Host: 이창옥     미정     2018-04-11 10:55:24

In this talk, we consider the following Cauchy problem for 1 <  2
?i@tu + (?)

2 u = (j (1)  j?  juj2)u; u(0; ) = ':
We prove that there exists a globally well-posed solution to (1) and the solution
scatters to free waves asymptotically as t ! 1 whenever the initial data is radial
and suciently small in L2(R3). This result is shown to be optimal by proving the
discontinuity of the
ow map in the super-critical range. We employ the standard
contraction argument in a function space constructed based on the space of bounded
quadratic variation V 2. The main ingredients for the proof are L2(R1+3) bilinear
estimates for free solutions and its transference to adapted V 2 spaces. This is joint
work with Sebastian Herr.

Host: 권순식     미정     2018-04-04 10:02:21

AI의 기초적인 내용을 설명하고, 보험회사에 대한 기본적인 이해, 그리고 AI가 국내금융기관에서 어떻게 해석되어지고 적용되어지고 있는지에 대해 설명합니다.

Host: 최건호     한국어     2018-04-13 15:21:40

I would like to explicitly bound the lengths of each singularities of class T on nonrational normal projective surfaces W with many singularities of class T and K_W ample. For the case when W has only one singularity, I will briefly introduce [Rana-Urzúa 2017] for algebraic-geometric approach and [Evans-Smith 2017] for symplectic-topological approach. The potential proof would combine symplectic techniques with the algebraic ones in [RU 17]. This may answer effectiveness of bounds (see [Alexeev 1994], [Alexeev-Mori 2004], [Y. Lee 1999]) for those surfaces. This is a joint work in progress with Heesang Park and Giancarlo Urzúa.

Host: 이용남     한국어     2018-03-20 08:39:49

We discuss a priori estimates and the existence of solutions to the modi ed Benjamin-Ono
equation (mBO) 
@tu + H@xxu = @x(u3=3); (x; t) 2 K  R;
u(0; x) = u0(x) 2 HsR
with K 2 fR;Tg. Localization of time to small frequency-dependent time intervals recovers
control of solutions at low regularities and yields a priori estimates and existence of solutions for 1=4 < s < 1=2. Previously, this was carried out on the real line in [1]. We prove the same results for periodic solutions after observing that the localization to short time intervals recovers dispersive properties from Euclidean space. The strategy can also be adjusted to deal with periodic solutions to the modi ed Korteweg-de Vries equation (cf. [2]).

Host: 권순식     미정     2018-04-04 14:58:20

In this talk, we prove that the moduli space of stable pairs (or sheaves) in every smooth del Pezzo surface $S$ is isomorphic to the Maruyama type's transformation of a moduli space of stable complexes. This is joint work with Jinwon Choi.

Host: 이용남     한국어     2018-03-20 08:40:54

This talk concerns the Boussinesq abcd system originally derived by Bona, Chen and Saut [J. Nonlinear.
Sci. (2002)] as rst order 2-wave approximations of the incompressible and irrotational, two dimensional
water wave equations in the shallow water wave regime. Among many particular regimes, the Hamiltonian
generic regime is characterized by the setting b = d > 0 and a; c < 0. It is known that the system in
this regime is globally well-posed for small data in the energy space H1  H1 by Bona, Chen and Saut
[Nonlinearity (2004)]. In this talk, we are going to discuss about the decay and the scattering problem
in this regime, which is characterized as having (quadratic) long-range nonlinearities, very weak linear
decay O(t?1=3) and existence of non scattering solutions (solitary waves). More precisely, we will see
that for a suciently dispersive abcd systems (characterized only in terms of parameters a; b and c), all
small solutions must decay to zero, locally strongly in the energy space, in proper subset of the light cone
jxj  jtj. No parity nor extra decay assumptions are needed to prove decay, only small solutions in the
energy space.
This is joint work with Claudio Mu~noz, Felipe Poblete and Juan C. Pozo.

Host: 권순식     미정     2018-04-04 10:04:53

Since Belavin, Polyakov, and Zamolodchikov introduced conformal field theory as an operator algebra formalism which relates some conformally invariant critical clusters in two-dimensional lattice models to the representation theory of Virasoro algebra, it has been applied in string theory and condensed matter physics. In mathematics, it inspired development of algebraic theories such as Virasoro representation theory and the theory of vertex algebras. After reviewing its development and presenting its rigorous model in the context of probability theory and complex analysis, I discuss its application to the theory of Schramm-Loewner evolution. 

Host: 이지운     한국어     2018-03-02 10:17:28

Let $X$ be a projective normal $\mathbb{Q}$-factorial variety of Picard number~$1$ and $S$ be a prime divisor on $X$. The affine variety $X\setminus S$ is called an affine Fano variety if the pair $(X, S)$ has purely log terminal singularities and $-(K_X+S)$ is ample. Furthermore, the affine Fano variety~$X\setminus S$ is said to be super-rigid if the following two conditions hold.

\item For every affine Fano variety $X^\prime\setminus S^\prime$ with completion $X^\prime$ and boundary $S^\prime$,
if there exists an isomorphism $\phi\colon X\setminus S\cong X^\prime\setminus S^\prime$,
then $\phi$ is induced by an isomorphism $X\cong X^\prime$ that maps $S$ onto $S^\prime$.
In particular, one has $\mathrm{Aut}(X\setminus S)=\mathrm{Aut}(X,S)$.
\item The affine Fano variety $X\setminus S$ does not contain relative affine Fano varieties over varieties of positive dimension.
In this talk, examples and non-examples of super-rigid affine Fano varieties are demonstrated. In particular, we will mainly consider del Pezzo surfaces in 3-dimensional weighted projective spaces. These examples lead us to a folklore conjecture that every automorphism of the complement of a smooth cubic surface in $\mathbb{P}^3$ comes from the automorphism group of $\mathbb{P}^3$.
Host: 이용남     한국어     2018-03-28 11:05:11

최근 급변하는 금융환경에 따라 투자자금을 유치하기 위한 신규 파생상품의 설계와 개발이 빈번하게 발생하고 있습니다.    

        금융 기관의 리스크를 엄격하게 관리하고 있습니다. 파생상품의 개발에 필요한 관리 절차와 따라서 필요한 파생상품 운용시스템의 기능을
        기술하려 합니다. 파생상품의 기능은 평가를 기반으로 합니다. 평가를 이용한 여러 파생상품 운용시스템의 필수 기능에 대해서 설명합니다.
Host: 최건호     한국어     2018-04-05 16:00:02
Given graphs H1,…, Hk, a graph G is (H1,…, Hk)-free if there is a k-edge-colouring of G with no Hi in colour-i for all i in {1,2,…,k}. Fix a function f(n), the Ramsey-Turán function rt(n,H1,…,Hk,f(n)) is the maximum size of an n-vertex (H1,…, Hk)-free graph with independence number at most f(n). We determine rt(n,K3,Ks,δn) for s in {3,4,5} and sufficiently small δ, confirming a conjecture of Erdős and Sós from 1979. It is known that rt(n,K8,f(n)) has a phase transition at f(n)=Θ(√(n\log n)). We prove that rt(n,K8,o(√(n\log n)))=n2/4+o(n2), answering a question of Balogh, Hu and Simonovits. The proofs utilise, among others, dependent random choice and results from graph packings. Joint work with Jaehoon Kim and Younjin Kim.


Host: 엄상일     미정     2018-04-04 09:37:18

It is well known that the Cone Theorem in birational geometry played a crucial role in the development of the minimal model program. In this talk, we discuss a generalization of the Cone Theorem to subcones of the Mori cone. This is an on-going joint work with Yoshinori Gongyo.

Host: 이용남     한국어     2018-03-28 11:06:20

We discuss the refinements of the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture \`{a} la Mazur-Tate and Kurihara, which concerns     the behavior of Fitting ideals of Selmer groups of elliptic curves over finite subextensions in the cyclotomic \mathbb{Z}_p-extension of \mathbb{Q}. This is joint work with Masato Kurihara.

Host: Bo-Hae Im     영어     2018-02-26 10:44:47

In this talk, I will give a general introduction to the geometry and topology of 3-manifolds. I will start with very basic definitions, and cover major theorems and recent developments in the field. 

Host: 백형렬     한국어     2018-03-02 10:15:16
To investigate varieties via their derived categories, Bondal and Orlov introduced the notion of semiorthogonal decomposition (SOD). In particular, SOD includes full exceptional collection as a specially example. Find a good condition for an exceptional collection to be full is hard in general. Kuznetsov proposed a fullness conjecture that if a smooth projective variety admits a full exceptional collection (of line bundles) of length l, then any exceptional collection (of line bundles) of length l is still full.
In this talk, we will introduce some basic notions on derived categories, and will focus on three examples. Let X be the blow-up of $mathbb{P}^{3}$ at a point, or a line, or a twisted cubic curve. We show that any exceptional collection of line bundles of length 6 on X is full.
This is a joint work with Song Yang and Xun Yu. The preprint is avaiable on IBS-CGP's preprint system [CGP17025].
Host: 신용주     영어     2018-03-14 16:11:56
 In this talk we prove an Atiyah-Segal type isomorphism for the K-theory of coherent sheaves on quotient Deligne-Mumford stacks over C. As an application we obtain a Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch type theorem for such stacks. This talk is based on joint work with Amalendu Krishna.
Host: 박진현     영어     2018-03-15 12:40:33

For problems with a discrete set of solutions, a reconfiguration problem defines solutions to be adjacent if they meet some condition of closeness, and then asks for two given solutions it there is a path between them in the set of all solutions.

The reconfiguration problem for graph homomorphisms has seen fair activity in recent years. Fixing a template, the problem Recol(H) for a graph H asks if one can get from one H-colouring of a graph G to another by changing one vertex at a time, always remaining an H-colouring. If the changed vertex has a loop, it must move to an adjecent vertex
Depending on H, the problem seems to be either polynomial time solvable or PSPACE-complete. We discuss many recent results in the area and work towards conjecturing for which H the problem is PSPACE-complete.
This is joint work with Rick Brewster, Jae-baek Lee, Ben Moore and Jon Noel.


Host: 엄상일     미정     2018-03-29 15:48:31

There is a rich theory of harmonic mappings between Riemannian manifolds, going back to the celebrated Eels-Sampson theorem
which guarantees the existence of harmonic maps between negatively curved manifolds. Recently, the study of twisted harmonic maps has generated much interest in higher Teichmüller theory, as it is the key to the nonabelian Hodge correspondence between the character variety of a surface group and the moduli space of Higgs bundles. In this talk, I will present a computer software that I have developed with J. Gaster, whose purpose is to compute and investigate equivariant harmonic maps between hyperbolic surfaces. I will also discuss the theoretical aspects of this project. Basic information and screenshots of this software can be found here:  http://math.newark.rutgers.edu/~bl498/software.html#hitchin

영어     2018-03-13 15:02:43

A Bi-Lagrangian structure in a smooth manifold consists of a symplectic form and a pair of transverse Lagrangian foliatio ns.
Equivalently, it can be defined as a para-Kähler structure, that is the para-complex equivalent of a Kähler structure. Bi-Lagrangian manifolds have interesting features that I will discuss in both the real and complex settings. I will proceed to show that the complexification of a real-analytic Kähler manifold has a natural complex bi-L agrangian structure, and showcase its properties. I will then specialize this discussion to moduli spaces of geometric structures on surfaces, which have a rich symplectic geometry. I will show that some of the recognized geometric features of these moduli spaces are formal consequences of the general theory, while revealing other new geometric features; as well as deriving several well-known results of Teichmüller theory by pure differential geometric machinery. Time permits, I will also mention the construction of an almost hyper-Hermitian structure in the complexification of any real-analytic Kähler manifold, and compare it to the Feix-Kaledin hyper-Kähler structure. This is joint work with Andy Sanders.

영어     2018-03-13 15:06:24