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Andreas Holmsen

Lectures on topological methods in combinatorics
Ron Aharoni
Department of Mathematics, Technion, Israel
2018/7/17-19 2PM-5PM (Room 3434, Bldg. E6-1)

The lectures will give an introduction to the application of topological methods in matching theory, graph theory, and combinatorics.
Topics that will be covered:
– A topological extension of Hall’s theorem
– combinatorial applications of the nerve theorem
– d-Leray complexes and rainbow matchings
– Matroid complexes and applications
– Open problems
2018-07-03 14:58:39


Dohoon Choi (Korea University)
Bo-Hae Im (KAIST) 

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Speakers:Kwangho Choiy (Southern Illinois University), Yeansu Kim (Chonnam National University)
2018-06-20 21:18:50
KAIST Advanced Institute for Science-X (KAIX) will host its first thematic program this summer. As a part of the program, there will be a summer school on mathematics in June. This year's theme is "Introduction to the recent developments in PDE and Topology, and their intersection." Topology session will be organized by me, and PDE session will be organized by Prof. Soonsik Kwon.
Topology session's title is "Topics in Geometric Group Theory".
PDE session's title is "Dynamics of Partial Differential Equations". 
Now here are more information about the topology session of the summer school. 
One can also take this officially as a course in summer semester of 2018; 
MAS481(25.481): Topics in Mathematics I<Topics in Geometric Group Theory>.
2018-06-22 14:18:44

************Intensive Lectures****************


15:00-16:00 in July 10 (Tue)

16:30-17:30 in July 10 (Tue)

15:00-16:00 in July 11 (Wed)

16:30-17:30 in July 11 (Wed)

10:30-11:30 in July 12 (Thur)


PLACE: E6-1, ROOM 4415


SPEAKER: Dawei Chen (Boston College)


TITLE: Moduli of differentials



An Abelian differential defines a flat metric such that the underlying Riemann surface can be realized as a polygon whose edges are pairwise identified via translation. Varying the shape of such polygons induces a GL(2,R)-action on the moduli space of Abelian differentials, called Teichmueller dynamics, whose study has provided fascinating results and opened new avenues to many fields in mathematics. In the first lecture I will give an accessible introduction to this subject, with a focus on its connections to billiard dynamics, enumerative geometry, and arithmetic geometry. In the remaining lectures I will explain how to use techniques in algebraic geometry to study various problems in Teichmueller dynamics, including compactification, birational geometry, cycle class computation, etc. A number of recent developments and open problems will be mentioned.

2018-06-21 08:14:58