Best Teaching Assistant Awards for Fall 2018

There was a small ceremony held on January 3, 2019 to award eight (8) best teaching assistants (TA) for the 2018 fall semester. The TAs best performed to help undergraduate students improve their mathematical skills for basic courses such as Calculus II, Introduction to Linear Algebra, and Probability and Statistics. The awardees are: Filpo Molina Jean Paul, Joon-bum Kim, Hyun-woong Yoo, Won-yong Jang, Tae-hyun Oum, Jae-hoon Lee, Joon-seok Kim, and Dae-won Yang.

From left to right are: Gang-uk Hwang, Director of Graduate Studies, Filpo Molina Jean Paul, Tae-hyun Oum, Joon-seok Kim, Won-yong Jang, Jae-hoon Lee, and Yongnam Lee, Head of Mathematical Science Department.