Professor Chang-Ock Lee Is Honored with the KSIAM-Kumgok Academico-Cultural Foundation Award 2017

“The award is bestowed upon Professor Chang-Ock Lee to acknowledge his groundbreaking scholarship, outstanding research contributions, and scientific leadership to advance applied and computational mathematics in Korea and beyond,” stated the citation given with the KSIAM-Kumgok Academico-Cultural Foundation Award.

November 8, 2017

Professor Chang-Ock Lee of KAIST’s Mathematical Sciences Department received this year’s academic achievement award from the Korean Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (KSIAM).

The awarding ceremony took place on November 4, 2017 during the KSIAM’s Annual Meeting 2017 held November 3-5 in Busan.

KSIAM established the award in 2013 with sponsorship of the Kumgok Acaedmico-Cultural Foundation to recognize stellar scholarship across applied and industrial mathematics, computational mathematics, and computational science and engineering.

The recipient of the award is limited to only one researcher each year, who is recommended by more than five peer reviewers in the relevant field and publishes at least four research papers in internationally reputable journals within the last ten years.

Professor Lee has gained a strong academic reputation in computational mathematics over two decades, leading research on how to find effective and reliable computer solutions for mathematical problems.

In particular, he focuses on the application of computational mathematics in image processing, employing a variety of mathematical tools, such as classical numerical analysis, scientific computing, and computational modeling and simulation, to solve challenges facing, for example, medical imaging and computer graphics. Topics of denoising, segmentation, registration, optical flow, deblurring, and blending are his major research interests.

Professor Chang-Ock Lee (third to the left in the first row) takes a photo with students and guests after the award ceremony, November 4, 2017.