The Graduate Students Day for Fall Semester 2017


With 70 graduate students, faculty members, staff and post-doctoral researchers in attendance, the Mathematical Sciences Department, KAIST, hosted this year’s second Graduate Students Day on September 1, 2017.


Since 2016, the Department has held this event twice a year (the first Friday of each semester) to offer graduate students an opportunity to strengthen their mutual interaction and share their current research activities.


A nice buffet dinner at a restaurant near the campus was arranged for this fall. Participants, including new graduate students entering the fall semester, enjoyed the dinner and had a wonderful time together, laughing and learning about each other.


Prior to the dinner, Professor Sang-il Oum had an orientation meeting with the new students and informed them of the information necessary for their study and school life.


Crossing a stream on stepping-stones to go to the dinner place. It was a nice walk!


“Thank you all for joining us this evening,” Department Head Yong Nam Lee said.



Meeting with New Students