Teaching Assistant Excellence Award for the 2017 Spring Semester

Department Head Yongnam Lee of Mathematical Sciences presented the Teaching Assistant Excellence Award on July 12th to ten graduate students who have served as teaching assistants (TAs) during the spring semester 2017. The recipients were recognized for their exemplary commitment to helping undergraduate students learn mathematics.

Among the ten teaching assistants, eight students showed up for the award presentation; two were travelling abroad. The department head and a lead professor for the graduate program, Sang-il Oum, also held a brief meeting with the TAs and exchanged ideas on how to improve instruction and the process of learning.


List of Teaching Assistants Ranked as Excellent by the Mathematical Sciences Department

Spring 2017



Sung-Gun Kim (doctoral student)

Jung-Sup Kim (doctoral student)

Dae-Won Yang (doctoral student)

Young-Min Lee (doctoral student)

Hyun-Jun Park (doctoral student)


Introduction to Linear Algebra

Hee-Sang Roh (doctoral student)

Jae-Hoon Lee (Master’s student)


Differential Equations and Applications

Min-Gi Kim (doctoral student)

Doo-Sung Choi (doctoral student)

Jun-Woo Kim (doctoral student)

From left to right are Professor Sang-il Oum, Doo-Sung Choi, Jun-Woo Kim, Hyun-Jun Park, Sung-Gun Kim, Young-Min Lee, Jae-Hoon Lee, Hee-Sang Roh, Dae-Won Yang, and Department Head Yongnam Lee.