Winners of the 2017 Problem of the Week Award

Five students claimed the title of the best problem-solvers in the spring semester’s math competition.

Since 2008, KAIST’s Mathematical Sciences Department (MSD) has hosted on its website a Problem of the Week during the fall and spring semesters of each year. Any undergraduate students who have a passion for all things mathematical can participate in finding the solutions of the problem.

On June 16, 2017, the MSD announced the winners of the Problem of the Week (POW) Award for the 2017 Spring Semester. A total of top five students received the award. Among the awardees includes one Vietnamese student, Huy Tùng Nguyễn, and three MSD students: Tae-Hyouk Jo, Dae-Bum Choi, and Kijoung Jang.

Jo ranked the first place with the highest score.

List of Awardees

  • Tae-Hyouk Jo, First Prize, Mathematical Sciences Department
  • Huy Tùng Nguyễn, Second Prize, Freshman
  • Dae-Bum Choi, Second Prize, Mathematical Sciences Department
  • Bonwoo Lee, Second Prize, Freshman
  • Kijoung Jang, Third Prize, Mathematical Sciences Department

From left to right is Professor Sang-il Oum, Department Head Yongnam Lee, Tae-Hyouk Jo, Huy Tùng Nguyễn, Dae-Bum Choi, Kijoung Jang, Bonwoo Lee, and Professor Ji Oon Lee.