[Notice] 7th KMGS on May 19(Thu), 2022

The 7th KMGS will be held on May 19th, Thursday, via Zoom and Gather Town.
We invite a speaker Wonwoong Lee from Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, KAIST.
The abstract of the talk is as follows.

Slot (PM 12:00~12:40)
[Speaker] Wonwoong Lee (이원웅) from Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, KAIST, supervised by Prof. Bo-Hae Im (임보해 교수님)
[Title] Modular forms and transcendental questions
[Discipline] Number Theory
Modular curves for Hecke congruence groups, or more generally, for Fuchsian groups of the first kind can be seen as the moduli spaces of the isomorphism classes of elliptic curves with torsion data in some sense. In this talk, I will introduce the notion of modular curves and modular forms. If time permits, I will also introduce their applications to some transcendental questions.
[Language] Korean

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ID: 265 572 8482
Password: 2AHRKr

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