We are looking for abstracts!

On November 18th and 25th, dates with colloquiums, we would like to start our first and second seminar.
For our friendly KAIST graduate students in the department of mathematical sciences, if you are interested in delivering a short talk, feel free to send us your abstract via the below email.
On each date, we would organize two slots each of which consists of 20 min talk and 5 min QnA session.
After these slots, there would be a “coffee break” for discussing and communicating with other attendees.

Contact :
Jungho Ahn – junghoahn(at)kaist(dot)ac(dot)kr
Yeongjong Kim – kimyj(at)kaist(dot)ac(dot)kr

The email format is as follows.

Email title: KMGS abstract submission – (NAME)
Email content should contain the following.

  • Your name, including English version
  • Name of your advisor (If you have been not assigned an advisor, leave a comment “Not yet assigned”.)
  • Discipline of your talk (e.g., Analysis, Algebra, Combinatorics, Geometry, AI, etc.)
  • Title of the talk
  • Abstract of the talk
  • Lauguage of the talk (e.g., Korean / English / Korean but English if it is requested)
  • Preferred date (e.g., Both of dates, Only Nov. 18, Only Nov.25)
  • Your website, if you have.

All disciplines of mathematical sciences would be welcomed and we encourage graduate students to share and discuss their results, even minor results which are not yet published, with each other.
We are free to speak any language during the coffee break session.
In this semester, we expect two days for the seminar, but if many students submit abstracts, there might be some additional seminar during this December.

For more information about the seminar, please visit the “About” menu.