Jinyoung Park (박진영), Coloring hypercubes

Coloring hypercubes
Jinyoung Park (박진영)
Department of Mathematics, Rutgers, Piscataway, NJ, USA
2018/06/26 Tuesday 5PM
We discuss the number of proper colorings of hypercubes
given q colors. When q=2, it is easy to see that there are only 2
possible colorings. However, it is already highly nontrivial to figure
out the number of colorings when q=3. Since Galvin (2002) proved the
asymptotics of the number of 3-colorings, the rest cases remained open
so far. In this talk, I will introduce a recent work on the number of
4-colorings, mainly focusing on how entropy can be used in counting.
This is joint work with Jeff Kahn.


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