(Intensive Lecture Series) Jaehoon Kim, A course in graph embedding

Intensive Lecture Series

A course in graph embedding
Jaehoon Kim (김재훈)
School of Mathematics, Birmingham University, Birmingham, UK
2018/6/25-29 10:30AM-12PM, 2:30PM-4PM (Room 3434, Bldg. E6-1)

In this lecture, we aim to learn several techniques to find sufficient conditions on a dense graph G to contain a sparse graph H as a subgraph.

Lecture note (PDF file)

Tentative plan for the course (June 25, 26, 27, 28, 29)
Lecture 1 : Basic probabilistic methods
Lecture 2 : Extremal number of graphs
Lecture 3 : Extremal number of even cycles
Lecture 4 : Dependent random choice
Lecture 5 : The regularity lemma and its applications
Lecture 6 : Embedding large graphs
Lecture 7 : The blow-up lemma and its applications I
Lecture 8 : The blow-up lemma and its applications II
Lecture 9 : The absorbing method I
Lecture 10 : The absorbing method II


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