(KMRS Seminar) Sang-il Oum, An algorithm for path-width and branch-width of matroids

FYI (KMRS Seminar)

An algorithm for path-width and branch-width of matroids
2014/06/27 Friday 3:15PM – 4::15PM
Room 3435
Branch-width and path-width are width parameters of graphs and matroids, which measure how easy it is to decompose a graph or a matroid into a tree-like or path-like structure via separations of small order. These parameters have been used not only for designing efficient algorithms with the inputs of small branch-width or path-width, but also for proving theoretical structural theorems by providing a rough structural description. We will describe a polynomial-time algorithm to construct a path-decomposition or a branch-decomposition of width at most k, if it exists, for a matroid represented over a fixed finite field for fixed k. Our approach is based on the dynamic programming combined with the idea developed by Bodlaender for his work on tree-width of graphs. For path-width, this is a new result. For branch-width, this improves the previous work by Hlineny and Oum (Finding branch-decompositions and rank-decompositions, SIAM J. Comput., 2008) which was very indirect; their algorithm is based on the upper bound on the size of minor obstructions proved by Geelen et al. (Obstructions to branch-decompositions of matroids, JCTB, 2006) and requires testing minors for each of these obstructions. Our new algorithm does not use minor obstructions. As a corollary, for graphs, we obtain an algorithm to construct a rank-decomposition of width at most k if it exists for fixed k. This is a joint work with Jisu Jeong (KAIST) and Eun Jung Kim (CNRS-LAMSADE).


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