Basic information

The 12th annual Korea-Japan Workshop on Algebra and Combinatorics will be held at KAIST, Daejeon, South Korea from January 23--25, 2014. This is an annual workshop, held alternately in Japan and Korea. The goal is for researchers of both countries to exchange information of ongoing studies in the area.

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Place: Building E6-1, Room 1501.


To register please go to the following link:

    KJ2014 - registration
Registration deadline: December 29

Organizing committee

    • Eiichi Bannai
    • Jung Rae Cho
    • Mitsugu Hirasaka
    • Tatsuro Ito
    • Hyun Kwang Kim
    • Jack Koolen
    • Yoshihiro Mizoguchi
    • Akihiro Munemasa

Local organizers

    • Andreas Holmsen
    • Younjin Kim
    • Sang-il Oum