Getting to KAIST

We suggest you arrive in Daejeon on January 22nd. Here is a description of how to get to Daejeon and to the Toyoko Inn hotel.

To get to KAIST it is possible to take a bus to KAIST or to take a taxi. Taxi drivers know where KAIST is, but you might need to show them this campus map to indicate which building you want to go to. In addition here is a note you can show to the taxi driver.

From Incheon Airport (ICN) to Daejeon:

By airport bus:

  1. Take the airport bus from the airport to Daejeon. (2 hours 30 minutes)
    (Find “9D” bus stop. There are ticket booths around and you can pay by the credit card or cash).
  2. Get off at the second bus stop (in front of the government complex building)
  3. Walk 10 minutes to Toyoko Inn or take a taxi

By train:

  1. Take the KTX train to Daejeon station
  2. Take the subway from Daejeon station to Government Complex (20 minutes)
  3. Walk 10 minutes to Toyoko Inn


  1. Taxi is cheap in Korea; Don’t be afraid of taking taxi from Daejeon station to KAIST or Toyoko Inn. For 20-miniute ride, a taxi normally costs less than $10.
  2. No tips in restaurants, taxi, or anywhere in Korea.
  3. Electricity: 220V, european plug.

        Map of Toyoko Inn, Daejeon