Ruth Luo, Induced Turán problems for hypergraphs

IBS/KAIST Joint Discrete Math Seminar

Induced Turán problems for hypergraphs
Ruth Luo
University of California, San Diego
2019/11/19 Tue 4:30PM-5:30PM (Room B232, IBS)
Let $F$ be a graph. We say that a hypergraph $\mathcal H$ is an induced Berge $F$ if there exists a bijective mapping $f$ from the edges of $F$ to the hyperedges of $\mathcal H$ such that for all $xy \in E(F)$, $f(xy) \cap V(F) = \{x,y\}$. In this talk, we show asymptotics for the maximum number of edges in $r$-uniform hypergraphs with no induced Berge $F$. In particular, this function is strongly related to the generalized Turán function $ex(n,K_r, F)$, i.e., the maximum number of cliques of size $r$ in $n$-vertex, $F$-free graphs.  Joint work with Zoltan Füredi.


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