Choongbum Lee (이중범), Quasi-randomness of graph properties

Quasi-randomness of graph properties
Choongbum Lee (이중범)
Department of Mathematics, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA
2010/8/6 Fri 4PM-5PM

Quasi-random graphs can be informally described as graphs whose edge distribution closely resembles that of a random graph. They have been a subject of intensive study during the last two decades and have seen numerous applications both in Combinatorics and Computer Science.

Starting with the work of Thomason and Chung, Graham, and Wilson, there have been many works which established the equivalence of various properties of graphs to quasi-randomness. In this talk, I will give a survey on this topic, and provide a new condition which guarantees quasi-randomness. This result answers an open question raised independently by Janson, and Shapira and Yuster.

Joint work with Hao Huang (UCLA).


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