Students & Postdocs

Current Graduate Students

  • Dong Yeap Kang (강동엽). Ph.D. Student, 2016.3-current. M.S., 2016.2.
  • Yeong Joon Kang (강영준)M.S. Student, 2017.3-current.
  • Deok Sang Lee (이덕상). M.S. Student, 2018.7-current.
  • Jung-ho Ahn (안정호). M.S. Student, 2018.7-current.

Post-docs (Current)

Former Graduate Students

  • Ph.D.
    • O-joung Kwon (권오정). Ph.D. 2015.8., M.S. 2012.8. (Assistant Professor at Incheon National University)
      Ph.D. thesis: On the structural and algorithmic properties of linear rank-width
    • Jisu Jeong (정지수). Ph.D., 2018.2. M.S., 2013.8. (SAMSUNG SDS)
      Ph.D. thesis: Parameterized algorithms for width parameters
  • M.S.
    • Ralph Bottesch. M.S. 2010.8. (Ph.D. at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2016. Currently at CWI)
    • Joohyun Cho (조주현). M.S. 2010.8. (Daechi Miraetamgu Hakwon 대치미래탐구학원)
    • Joonkyung Lee (이준경). M.S. 2010.2. (Ph.D. at University of Oxford, 2017. Advisor: David Conlon. Currently a postdoctoral researcher at Universität Hamburg)
    • Ringi Kim (김린기). M.S. 2011.8. (Ph.D. at Princeton University, 2017. Advisor: Paul Seymour. Currently a postdoc at KAIST)
    • Seongmin Ok (옥성민). M.S. 2012.2. (Ph.D. at Technical University of Denmark, 2015. Advisor: Carsten Thomassen. Currently at SAMSUNG Electronics)
    • Geewon Suh (서기원). M.S. 2016.2. (Ph.D. student at School of Electrical Engineering, KAIST)
    • Hojin Choi (최호진). M.S., 2016.2. (TmaxSoft)

Former Post-docs

Papers written by my students NOT coauthored with me

I am not a coauthor of some of the papers of my students. Below, I try to list such papers.

Journal papers






Refereed Conference Papers