Sang-il Oum (엄상일)

CI (Chief Investigator), Discrete Mathematics Group (DIMAG), Pioneer Research Center for Mathematical and Computational Sciences, Institute for Basic Science (IBS).

Professor, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, KAIST

  • IBS
    • Discrete Mathematics Group, Institute for Basic Science (IBS), 55 Expo-ro, Yuseong-gu Daejeon, 34126 South Korea
    • Email: after sangil@
    • Tel: +82-42-878-9200
    • Office: Room B221, Theory Building (2nd floor)
    • Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, KAIST, 291 Daehak-ro Yuseong-gu Daejeon 34141 South Korea
    • Email: after sangil@
    • Tel:+82-42-350-2728
    • Office: Room 3403 located at the 3rd floor of the building E6-1

Ph.D. from Princeton Univeristy, 2005. Advisor: Paul Seymour.
B.S. from KAIST, 1998. Visiting Assistant Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, 2005-2006. Postdoctoral fellow at University of Waterloo, 2007. KAIST since 2008. CI at Institute for Basic Science since December, 2018.

Mathematical Interests

Graph Theory, Matroid Theory, Combinatorics, Combinatorial Optimization, Graph Algorithms. Structural Graph Theory, Width Parameters, etc.

Post-doctoral positions at KAIST

If you are interested in becoming a post-doctoral researcher working with me, then please contact me. You can also send me 1) your cover letter, 2) CV, 3) research statement, and 4) arrange at least 2 letters of recommendations sent to my email. (By regulation, you should have your Ph.D. degree ready on the first day of your work.— The Ph.D. defense is not enough.)

For students interested in being a graduate student, please visit the website of KAIST office of admissions.

KAIST Discrete Math Seminar

I am organizing the KAIST Discrete Math Seminar. I strongly encourage everyone including students interested in discrete mathematics to attend this seminar and subscribe the mailing list.


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