Hyukpyo Hong (홍혁표)

Mar 2018 - Current:
Ph.D. student, Department of Mathematical Sciences, KAIST
Biomedical Mathematics Group (BIMAG), IBS

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I am studying mathematical biology under my supervisor Jae Kyoung Kim in Department of Mathematical Sciences, KAIST and Biomedical Mathematics Group (BIMAG), IBS. Among numerous interesting topics, my research interests are chemical reaction network theory, stochastic model reduction method (especially quasi-steady-state approximation), Bayesian statistical analysis to infer the mysterious dynamics of biochemical reaction networks. 

 Not only these mathematical topics I am also interested in digital medicine. In particular, my research aims include identifying an optimal sleep patterns for shift workers and developing non-invasive biomarker to diagnose Dementia from wearable data.


Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Ph.D. Student in Mathematical Sciences (Mar. 2018 - )

B.S. in Mathematical Sciences (Mar.2013 - Feb. 2018)  


hphongMM@kaist.ac.kr (remove MM) Office
(1) 3209, Industrial & Systems Engineering building [E2-1], KAIST
(2) B302, Theory Building, IBS Headquarters