Teaching Mathematics

Dr. Deane Arganbright, Visiting Professor of Mathematics during the years 2004-2006, created the original version of this Online Mathematics Teaching Assistant’s Manual as part of a KAIST research grant. His approach anticipates that future professors within the department will edit, modify, and extend this manual continuously. This manual is, in part, a tool for the component of the department’s regular seminar for new teaching assistants that focuses on teaching techniques and attitudes. The first link below will send you to the resource materials, while the second one links to an outline of the four-session teaching component of the seminar. The author used Microsoft Excel to create the drawings displayed throughout the sections.

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Introduction: This document, created at KAIST, provides discussions of many facets of a mathematics teaching assistant program, including suggestions for teaching assistants. In future years, professors within the department, with advice from the department’s teaching assistants, will continue to append and modify this document. Eventually this site will describe the procedure for doing this.