the 9th KAIST Geometric Topology Fair

The 9th KAIST Geometric Topology Fair will focus on the topics from geometric group theory. Aimed at graduate students and early career researchers, the lecture series and talks will survey foundation and recent developments in geometric group theory.

This workshop is supported by National Research Fund of Korean Government, grant 2010-0023515 and 2010-0027001.



The talks can be watched at MathNet Korea (for Mac, right-click the links to the videos, download, and open with VLC media player).

Abstracts are here.

Lecture Series.

Random rigidity in free groups

by Danny Calegari (Caltech)

Recognizing low-dimensional manifold groups

by Jason F. Manning (State University of New York at Buffalo)

Embedding finitely generated groups into finitely presented groups

by Mark V. Sapir (Vanderbilt)

Asymptotic group theory - pro-p groups; property T and expansion

by Efim Zelmanov (Univeristy of California at San Diego)


Simplicial volume and bounded group cohomology

by Sungwoon Kim (KIAS)

Embeddability between right-angled Artin groups

by Sang-hyun Sam Kim (KAIST)

Graph braid groups: its 10 year history

by Kihyoung Ko (KAIST)

Combinatorial group theory applied to 2-bridge link groups

by Donghi Lee (Pusan National University)

Commensurizer group and its growth

by Seonhee Lim (Seoul National University)