Hyukpyo Hong (홍혁표)



Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Daejeon, Repubilc of Korea

Integrated Master's & Ph.D program in Mathematical Sciences (Feb. 2018 ~ ) Advisior: Jae Kyoung Kim

B.S. in Mathematical Sciences (Feb. 2013 ~ Feb. 2018)

Teaching Assistant

MAS109 Introduction to Linear Algbebra - Spring 2018

MAS201 Differential Equations and Applications - Fall 2018

MAS212 Linear Algebra - Spring 2018

MAS480 Introduction to Mathematical Biology - Fall 2018


Research Interests: Mathematical Biology 

1) Fractal Analysis, especially Detrended Fluctuation Analysis(DFA). 

2) Activity data analysis for diagnosing human Dementia and Alzheimer Disease. 

3) Quasi-steady-state analysis(QSSA).



Last updated: 6 October, 2018